The 12 Best Charts Of The Week

Here they are: the 12 best charts of the week.

1. The planet is leaving the Age of Commodities and entering the Age of Consumer Durables.

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2. The University of Chicago cleans up on the leaderboard for most Nobel Prizes in Economics.

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3. Russia’s economic inequality is nothing short of epic.

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4. Canada might have a housing bubble/problem.

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5. The prospect of a six-week debt ceiling extension is already putting pressure on Treasury bills maturing around Thanksgiving.

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6. Child abuse rises when consumer confidence falls.

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7. China’s instant noodles market is growing at a significantly faster clip than the country’s overall economy.

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8. A recession indicator that is never wrong has some bad news.


9. 8% of the world’s population controls 83% of the world’s wealth.

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10. Hiring intentions of U.S. small businesses have accelerated in 2013.

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11. The U.S. stock market — along with Switzerland’s — is the most overvalued market in the world.

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12. Investing in USD/CNY volatility could be the long-term debt ceiling trade.

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