The 18 Best Charts Of The Week

787 dreamliner

Photo: Goldman Sachs via ZeroHedge

The world is changing, and nowhere can that be seen better than in a good series of charts.Luckily, we’ve seen no shortage of excellent charts this week that amply illustrate the changes underway.

The best charts we found this week touch on topics ranging from VIP revenues in Macau to the rise of singles in America – and everything in between.

Let’s go to the charts.

The normalization of the 3-month Treasury curve is the clearest sign yet that the market is no longer worried about the debt ceiling

When investors poured into stocks last week, they weren't buying U.S. stocks

Households are almost done deleveraging

Revenue growth from 'VIPs' in Macau has turned around – suggesting the Chinese economy has turned around as well

Singles are about to overtake married people as a portion of the U.S. population

Large cap U.S. banks valued higher by the market than the global megabanks

China's trade-driven growth trajectory looks a lot like Japan's trade-driven growth trajectory from a bygone era

The four indicators used to track business cycles are all heading higher in the U.S.

The Dow Jones rose above its highest closing level since 2007 this week

Wind power overtook natural gas as America's fastest-growing energy source in 2012

The rise in home prices is thawing out household balance sheets

Yoga product imports are surging in the U.S.

Average investors believe central banks and governments will always have their back

The ratio of unemployed to job openings in America is falling steadily

The Bank of Japan hasn't been very aggressive compared to other central banks

Much of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is made outside of the U.S.

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