These are the workouts that 17 super-fit celebrities swear by

Dwayne johnsonGetty/Jesse Grant, stringerDwayne Johnson works out almost every day.

Celebrities are known for trying a wide range of wacky health trends. (Remember the Master Cleanse craze, circa 2008?) So it makes sense that stars have a diverse, often-eccentric taste in workouts, too.

The fitness plans of the rich and famous don’t exactly make for practical fitspiration — most of us normal folk can’t afford or access the same hot classes and trainers — but it’s still fun to see how the world’s most famous people break a sweat.

Here’s what 17 superstars do to stay in shape.

Dwayne Johnson lifts weights six days a week (in case you couldn't tell by looking at him).

Twitter/Dwayne Johnson
Muscles this big don't happen by accident.

Johnson recently put on 22 pounds of muscle for his role in 'The Fate of the Furious,' and he did it using good old fashioned weight lifting (with a little cardio thrown in for good measure).

Johnson has said that hits the gym at 4 or 5 a.m. six days a week. He does cardio (either a run outside or an elliptical session), eats breakfast, then does weight training for an hour and a half, targeting each major muscle group: Back, chest, legs, and arms.

The Rock shared the specifics of his workout over at Men's Fitness.

Blake Lively uses swimming and kettle bells to stay in amazing shape.

Blake Lively in 'The Shallows'

Lively's trainer, Don Saladino, spoke with INSIDER last summer and shared how the star built strength before filming 'The Shallows.'

She worked out five to six days a week for two months to prepare for the physical role. They'd focus on upper body workouts on Mondays, lower body on Tuesdays, swimming laps in a pool on Wednesdays, then back to upper body on Thursdays and lower body on Fridays. On Saturdays they tackled arms and shoulders.

Once a week, Lively would also do a full-body move called the kettle bell sumo dead lift.

'It's great for the muscles of the posterior chain, which is everything that makes up the backside of your body,' Saladino said.

Hugh Jackson bulks up with free weights (like dumbbells) instead of machines.

20th Century Fox/Marvel
It takes a lot of work to look like Wolverine.

To get chiselled for his X-Men movies, Jackman completes classic exercises, like squats, dead lifts, and bicep curls, using free weights.

His trainer David Kingsbury told Men's Fitness that Jackman starts off doing more reps with lighter weights, then gradually increases the weight while reducing the number of reps. It's a strategy known as progressive overload, and according to Kingsbury, it prevents progress plateaus.

Gal Gadot -- star of the 'Wonder Woman' film hitting theatres this summer -- loves boxing.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Gal Gadot.

She once tweeted that boxing was one of her favourite ways to exercise.

But the actress has also worked with trainers who put her through a traditional gym workout, too. According to InStyle, her typical routine has weightlifting challenges, basic moves like pull-ups and squats, and intervals of cardio on a stationary bike or rowing machine. Being Wonder Woman takes hard work.

Lea Michele, Mandy Moore, and more celebs swear by a pricey, gruelling fitness boot camp in Malibu.

Lea Michele has attended The Ranch 4.0.

The Ranch 4.0 is a four-day program that bills itself as a way to 'kick start your health goals.' During the retreat, attendees go on hours-long hikes, work out in gyms, and eat a scant 1,400 calories a day of only vegan food.

So it's not exactly a cakewalk -- but at least the $US4,100 price tag gets you a room in a nearby Four Seasons Hotel.

Beyoncé worked out crazy hard for her Formation tour in 2016.

Buda Mendes/Getty
Queen Bey needs stamina for her live performances.

Queen Bey's probably not doing intense workouts now that she's pregnant with twins, but she needed to be in killer shape for last year's dance-packed Formation World Tour.

Beyoncé's trainer Marco Borges shared all the details of the pre-tour workout with Glamour. Her routine was multifaceted: She boxed, swung weighted ropes, and sprinted (speifically: one-minute of sprinting followed by two minutes of brisk walking, repeat for 30 minutes). Borges also had her do lots of kettle bell squat presses.

'It's an exercise that hits all the major muscles. If you did nothing else, you'd still get a great workout,' he told Glamour. (Here's a video tutorial if you want to try them out.)

Singer Ellie Goulding takes classes at a gym known as the 'Skinny Bitch Collective.'

Jason Merritt/Getty Images for NARAS
Models and celebs like Ellie Goulding have been taking classes at the Skinny Bitch Collective.

And frankly, it sounds about as terrifying as you'd expect. A Business Insider reporter tried one of the $US57 classes at the Skinny Bitch Collective's London center and left utterly exhausted.

It started with basic exercises like jumping jacks, burpees, lunges, and sit-ups (done with resistance bands for extra burn), plus a strange-looking move called can-can legs (video here). The class then moved on to 'light wrestling,' throwing around heavy sandbags, and crawling across the floor.

Madonna has been doing yoga since before it was trendy.

It's hard to believe that Madonna is 58 years old.

In a 1998 appearance on Oprah, Madonna said that she'd given up the gym and started doing yoga instead. 'It completely changed my whole outlook and my body,' she said at the time. (In 2010 she even made headlines for doing yoga on a plane.)

These days, according to a report in the Daily Mail, she's diversified her workout. The pop star now includes martial arts, boxing, and some light weightlifting in her 6 weekly workouts.

Victoria's Secret models like Adriana Lima love the classes at Aerospace, a NYC-based gym founded by a boxer and a ballerina.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
Adriana Lima on the runway.

The fast-paced classes include jumping jacks, one-armed push ups, planks, shadow boxing, jumping rope, and lots of work with resistance bands. INSIDER's Sarah Schmalbruch tried one class out and deemed it 'insanely hard.'

Gigi Hadid's sculpted arms come from lots of boxing.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty
Those toned arms come from throwing punches.

Boxing seems to be a theme among celebrity workouts -- and it's certainly working for Gigi Hadid.

'The thing about boxing is that not only does it get the heart rate up and burn so many calories to show the muscle, you also use your biceps, triceps, and shoulders when you do the movements,' Hadid's trainer Andrea Orbeck told INSIDER last year.

Orbeck's clients perform two minute intervals of crosses, jabs, hooks, and undercuts, followed by 30-second bursts as boxing as fast as they can. That's followed by either squats or sit ups, and then the circuit starts over again.

Actress Margot Robbie only had three weeks to get in shape for 'Suicide Squad.'

Warner Bros.
Margot Robbie in 'Suicide Squad.'

The movie may have bombed with critics, but there's no denying Robbie looked incredible in her role as Harley Quinn.

Robbie normally meets with trainer Andie Decker four or five times a week, People reports, but she amped things up in preparation for her revealing 'Suicide Squad' costume. The supercharged routine included pilates, jumping rope, trampolines, and exercises like arabesque lifts to target Robbie's gluteus muscles.

Robbie also did lots of ballet jumps. Decker told People that they're 'the most challenging form of cardio' she's ever come across.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit covergirl Kate Upton can pull 300 pounds in a move called the 'bear crawl.'

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
Kate Upton is seriously strong.

Upton told People that she warms up with foam rolling, stretching, lunges, and walking from side to side with a resistance band tied around her knees.

She then launches into a circuit workout. That's when Upton performs a sequence of strength-training exercises one after the other with no rest in between. Both Upton and her trainer post Instagram videos of these strength-training moves, like squats and weighted hip thrusts.

The supermodel can also pull nearly 300 pounds while doing a bear crawl -- quite literally crawling on the ground while strapped to a sled full of weights. Watch her in action right here.

Gwyneth Paltrow is a devotee of fitness guru Tracy Anderson.

Theo Wargo/Getty
Gwyneth Paltrow follows a controversial trainer.

Anderson, a trained dancer, has won over tons of celebrity clients (Paltrow, Lena Dunham, Jennifer Lopez) with her intense dance-cardio workouts. But she's come under fire for saying that women shouldn't lift more than three pounds of weight, which is patently untrue. The idea that women will quickly 'bulk up' when they lift heavier weights is just a tired fitness myth.

Comedian Kevin Hart says that running isn't just a workout -- it's his passion.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images
Kevin Hart runs because he loves to, not because he has to.

'I'm not the runner that's out here trying to qualify for big marathons,' Hart told Runner's World in 2015. 'I'm doing it just because I found love for it. It's a passion.'

A few years back he was organising spontaneous 5k runs in the cities he visited, and he recently told People that he's planning to set up more impromptu races this year.

Cameron Diaz uses intervals to sweat like a 'fire hydrant that just got busted open.'

Getty/Tim Whitby
Cameron Diaz is no stranger to sweat.

'I just get on my elliptical and do intervals,' Diaz said
an interview with O: The Oprah Magazine last year. 'You sprint, you go as fast as you can for a minute (...) then you just stop (...) and bring your heart rate down. And then one minute later, (sprint) for another minute. Do that five times, you are bursting with sweat.'

This type of exercise -- also known as High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT -- can help improve blood pressure and cholesterol, reduce body fat, and maintain muscle mass, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.

Chris Pratt trains seven days a week to maintain his action-star physique.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Chris Pratt went from doughy goofball on 'Parks and Recreation' to chiselled superhero in 'Guardians of the Galaxy.'

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star recently told Men's Fitness that he's been mixing up his workouts. He does some Vinyasa hot yoga, some CrossFit, and some Tabata, a popular HIIT program that cycles through moves like mountain climbers, push-ups, box jumps, and burpees.

Ashley Graham smacks a tire with a sledgehammer (really).

Monica Schipper/Getty Images
She's strong and gorgeous.

Graham isn't just a gorgeous supermodel and body positivity champion -- she's also a beast in the gym, Shape reports.

Graham's trainer, Dawin Peña of New York City's Dogpound, posts seriously inspiring videos of her workouts on Instagram. There, you can watch Graham play a game of catch while doing push-ups (!!!), run while attached to a resistance band, and pound a giant tire with a sledgehammer.

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