The Top 10 iPhone Camera Apps Of All Time

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If you have an iPhone chances are you use it as your primary camera.

Apple’s camera app is great when you want to snap a quick pic and share it with friends.

But what if you wanted more control over how your images look by adding a filter, increasing the brightness, adding a border, or just removing red eye?

We put together this list of the best photo apps out there…if you don’t have number one on your phone right now go and get it.

9. Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam gives your phone the slowed down effects that generally are only available on higher priced DSLR cameras. The photos come out looking amazing.

Features include:

  • Innovative 'Freeze' control
  • Selectable shutter speeds
  • Exposure compensation
  • Tap to adjust exposure

Price: $0.99

8. Diptic

Diptic lets you quickly and easily combine multiple photos to create a new image. The app also supports filters.

Price: $0.99

7. Aviary

Aviary is a photo editor that has a lot of different features for you enhance your mobile photos.

The app lets you enhance photos with a tap, includes gorgeous effects, stickers, colour balance, crop and rotate, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and add text.

Cosmetic tools include: fix red eye, remove blemishes, and whiten teeth.

Price: Free

6. Photosynth

Photosynth is a panoramic picture stitcher. The app lets you take gorgeous wide-angle shots up to 360 degrees then you can share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Price: $1.99

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is an excellent mobile photo editor. The app features basic and paid tools. There are so many basic tools to choose from. You can manipulate colour, add filters and effects, create borders and still do simple things like crop, straighten, rotate and flip photos.

Price: Free

3. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of our favourite photo editors out there. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is in love with the app too.

Snapseed makes photo editing simple and is full of features that let you do everything from selectively adjust portions of the photo, rotate/straighten, centre focus to grab attention, and much more.

Price: $4.99

2. Camera+

Camera+ is an awesome app. Besides being a great alternative to the stock Camera app that comes with the iPhone, Camera+ is super fast and has tons of advanced features, including an impressive 6x digital zoom

Price: $0.99

1. Instagram

Instagram is the best photo app hands down. We love how easy it is to use and the social aspect makes it fun because we can see what our friends are up to.

The app features custom filters and you can edit your photos a bit by tilting or blurring them.

It is our favourite photo app, period.

Price: Free

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