Here Are The 10 Best Camera Apps For Android To Make Your Photos Look Amazing


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Do you love taking pictures on your Android phone?There are some pretty impressive shooters out there with 8 MP cameras that can make you forget about your point and shoot camera.

Photojojo put together a list of the 10 best camera apps for Android to make your photos look even better.

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Vignette has over 100 filters and frames

Vignette lets you jazz up photos and add cool film and camera effects.

There's also a timer and time-lapse feature.

Price: $4.04

Action Snap gives you the ability to shoot 4 or 9 photos in a row

With this app, you can create a cool sequence of photos.

Your phone's camera can be configured to combine shots every .1 seconds to every 5 seconds to form a horizontal photo sequence.

Price: free

PicSay adds fun, but sometimes tacky effects to your pictures

Use tons of fonts, clip arts, and images to tell your friends you're having a party in Paris.

It's also an easy way to crop, adjust exposure, and change colour temperature or tint in your photos.

Price: free

Pudding Camera uploads photos to your Pudding web album

Pudding Camera offers some nice customisation options like exposure settings, filters, and social sharing, but the coolest part is being able to save your photos to your online Pudding web album.

Price: free

Retro Camera is like Instagram or Hipstamatic for Android

This app gives you 'instant nostalgia' for free, containing filters inspired by legendary cameras like Lomo, Holga, Polaroid, Diana, and more.

Price: free

Camera360 has cool tilt-shift and colour-shift effects

This app has HDR modes, tilt shift, modes, and best of all, goofy camera filter modes.

Price: free

LittlePhoto lets you combine multiple effects

LittlePhoto has lots of fancy effects, like its competitors, but one unique thing about it is that you can 'stack' effects on top of one another, effectively combining different effects to make something completely new.

Price: free

FxCamera is a simple app with some nice filters

FxCamera has ads, but is a lightweight program with 10 fun filters.

There's even an Andy Warhol-cam.

Price: free

HDR Camera takes two pictures, then combines them to provide more depth of colour

HDR is a nifty technology that allows you to squeeze better quality out of your photos so backgrounds don't get washed out and skin tone looks natural.

Price: free

Now that you've seen the best camera apps for Android....

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