Here's the best calendar app for the iPhone

I recently got promoted at my job. (Thank you.)

As a result, I am in a few more meetings. As a result, I need to be a little more organised. As a result, I am carefully using a calendar. As a result, I have gone on the hunt for the best calendar app for the iPhone.

Here, after some testing, is what I have discovered!

The best calendar app is Sunrise.

Google Calendar is a strong second place contender.

Basically, if Sunrise is ranked #1, then Google Calendar is ranked #1A. It’s almost a tie.

It’s hard to pick one over the other because they’re both good, but each is lacking a key feature that the other has. It comes down to personal preference.

Google calendarScreenshotsGoogle calendar

Here is the case for Google Calendar: It turns your calendar into a bright, colourful to-do list. It integrates very well with Gmail, and Google Maps if you use them. It does that neat trick where you can type, “Meet with Jillian D’Onfro at 4 PM on Friday” and it will autopopulate the day and time.

Here is the case against Google Calendar: It doesn’t have a widget that integrates with the notification panel on the iPhone. The notification panel is helpful. With just one drag from the top, I can see everything I have going on during the day. Without a widget, I have to open the calendar and check it.

Bottom line on Google Calendar: It looks good, and it’s easy to use. If you don’t care about the notifications widget stuff, then it’s the app for you.

Sunrise appScreenshotSunrise as seen in the notification center on the left.

Here is the case for Sunrise: It’s a gorgeous looking app. It has a nice list format. It has a widget that makes it easy to look at your day ahead with one swipe. It has weather, and I think it has all sorts of secret features that I probably haven’t fully taken advantage of yet.

Here is the case against Sunrise: It doesn’t do the autopopulating thing when creating an event. It’s not quite as visually bold as Google Calendar.

Bottom line on Sunrise: If you don’t care about the autopopulating thing, it’s the best app. It’s clean, clear, and easy to use.

Both apps are free, so you might as well download both and see which you like best. If I had to choose just one, I would go with Sunrise. But, I have both on my phone and I find myself using Google Calendar just as much as Sunrise. So, for me, it might be that my heart wants Google, though my head says Sunrise.

Here’s a link to Sunrise’s website.

Here’s a link to Google’s calendar app.

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