10 Clever Tricks You Probably Haven't Thought Of To organise Your Tangled Gadget Cords


Photo: Bruno Girin

There are more tangled, knotted cables on our desk than we can count.In looking for a way to get a handle on them, we found these 10 products and ideas that other people say have worked for them.

Glasses case

Apartment Therapy offers up the idea of using an old glasses case to store old or unused cables.

CD-R spindle

Similarly, Lifehacker suggests using an old CD-R spindle.

Cable organiser

To wrangle cables that are actually in use, Monster makes this organiser that's available on Amazon for about $16.

The Grid-It

You can manage much more than cables with the Grid-It by Cocoon Innovations. It's available on Amazon for about $14.

Cable Monkey

Would you prefer a more adorable way to keep your cables unclumped? Check out the Cable Monkey from ThinkGeek. It costs $5.99 on their website.

CableDrop Cable Clips

If you only have one or two cables to keep out of the way, the CableDrop will be a great help -- it's $9.99 on the ThinkGeek website.

Pinza Solid Steel Cord Minder

The Pinza Solid Steel Cord Minder is an small but elegant way to get a grip on whatever cables you need. It costs $15.99.

Cordies Cable organiser

Here's one more way to keep countless USB and Ethernet cables out of the way for $9.99.

Use binder clips

Lifehacker offers this breakdown on how to use some old binder clips to get a grip on your cables for free.

Pivot Power Flexible Power Strip

If your AC adapters are always in the way, take a look at the Pivot power strip. It's available for $29.99.

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