How Best Buy Is Training Employees On Microsoft's Radically Different Windows 8

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Microsoft is set to release four different versions of its Windows operating system this week and it’s likely to cause some customer confusion.We reached out to Jason Bonfig, Merchant VP for Computing and MP3 at Best Buy, to see how the retailer will train its employees to be ready for launch.

A bunch of Best Buy employees recently got some hands-on Windows 8 in Orlando, Florida in order to be ready to inform customers on the differences between Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise, and Windows RT. (Windows RT is the tablet-only version of Windows 8. It can’t run older Windows apps.)

Bonfig told us that Windows 8 will meet a majority of customer needs, but employees will be able to talk about Windows 8 Pro’s encryption abilities, one of the very few things that differentiate it from Windows 8.

Employees will also be trained to identify when business owners might better benefit from having Windows 8 Enterprise to use on their computers. In this case, customers will be referred to the Best Buy For Business program, where those with more specialised knowledge can walk them through the process to make sure they’re getting the best possible solution.

As for tablet users, employees will mention that the Microsoft Office suite is included with Windows RT and can run in the familiar desktop mode, but 90% of the time customers will want to use it in “Metro” mode, optimised for touch interaction. While the Office Suite will run just fine it desktop mode, RT won’t run other legacy software until developers producers versions compatible for the “Metro” interface.

As for the in-store experience, Best Buy customers will have access to video segments called “2-Minute Miracles” that walk them through various features of Windows 8, such as how to set up a picture password. In-store setups will predominantly be demoing Windows 8 since the differences between it and Windows 8 Pro aren’t visually evident.

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