Best Buy Will Sell The Pebble Smartwatch Starting This Week For $150

The Pebble smartwatch is now available for purchase at and lands in stores on Sunday, July 7.

For the uninitiated, Pebble is a wristwatch with an e-ink display that pairs with your Android phone or iPhone over Bluetooth to expand its functionality – texts and phone calls appear on the watch, the RunKeeper app keeps track of your runs, the list goes on and on.

Pebble became insanely popular after raising $10.2 million on crowd funding site Kickstarter last year. The final product began shipping to backers this year.

The Best Buy edition of the Pebble also has some fancy new packaging. Before, Pebble watches shipped in a plain-looking cardboard box.

We reviewed the Pebble a few months ago and loved it. If you’re already sold, then you can scoop up your very own Pebble right here for $150.

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