Sheesh, Even Best Buy Is Doing Its Own Tablet

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Photo: By carl.lacey2 on Flickr

Best Buy is planning on doing its own Android-based tablet, Reuters reports.It is expected to be 10-inches and cost $239 to $259.

Making a tablet is all the rage right now. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Toys R Us, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are all putting out tablets.

Apple is the only company that really matters in the bunch. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are fighting for second place.

Best Buy is sort of in a bind here. It’s been losing customers for a long time so it needs to try something to find a new path forward.

We give this tablet a 0% chance at success. It doesn’t have the computing expertise of Apple or Microsoft. It doesn’t have the software expertise of Google. And its stores aren’t as powerful for distribution as, which is why Best Buy is in trouble in the first place.

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