REPORT: Best Buy Is Laying Off 1,800 Store Employees And 600 Geek Squad Workers

Best Buy employees


UPDATE: CNBC is reporting that Best Buy is laying off 2,400 total employees.It will be about 600 Geek Squad workers plus 1,800 in-store employees.

Original: Best Buy is laying off around 650 members of its Geek Squad, reports KARE 11.

The Geek Squad positions that work on appliances and televisions in customers’ homes are the ones being eliminated. Best Buy assures that it’s not totally cutting home service, but simply restructuring.

The workers’ last day will be August 1st if they can’t find a new spot in the company. That means that the workers will be headed to customers’ homes while they await their fate.

“We know that clients will always need us to come to their homes, and increasingly their needs are more complex. That’s why we’re evolving in-home support for a more specific customer segment,” Best Buy said in a statement.

One Best Buy tipster told Chris Morran at the Consumerist that the layoffs could cause problems for customers in the meantime:

“Because they laid off so many people, an appointment that was supposed to happen on, say, July 5, might not be able to be rescheduled until sometime in September. So we’ve had to contact pissed off customer after pissed off customer and apologise profusely for the asinine actions of upper management with nothing to offer as compensation but another appointment that the customer has no reason to believe will be actually take place and a Best Buy gift card worth anywhere from $25 to $50, depending on how much the customer complains.”

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