Best Buy Is Either Gaining Market Share Or Holding In These Key Categories

Best Buy

Photo: seanaes via flickr

Before you write off Best Buy as another dinosaur, check out how how dominant the retailer remains in some key categories.NPD analyst Stephen Baker observes:

  • Best Buy is still the largest non-manufacturer seller of Windows notebooks online and gained 2 per cent in share last year, and is the largest retailer of Apple notebooks
  • Best Buy accounts for one-in-three dollars spent on flat-panel TVs and grew its revenue share last year
  • It sold more tablets than any other retailer or website last year
  • Its share in smartphone sales grew 50 per cent last year, and it’s the single largest non-carrier outlet for smartphone sales
  • It’s market share is up in both DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras, and is gaining unit share in MP3 players and headphones

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