BEST BUY EMPLOYEE: 'If Customers Had A Little More Patience, Everyone Would Have A Better Day'

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A couple months ago, we picked up a story from The Consumerist in which a Best Buy employee talked about his experience at the embattled retailer. He described it has a giant game of telephone.

Not every worker sees it that way, though. A Best Buy worker wrote in to Business Insider and she had a totally different view. 

She writes that it depends on the store, and that customers need to be more more patient sometimes.

Here’s what she thinks (we’ve withheld her name):

The store I work at is wonderful. Everyone works together to really give the customer the best experience. I was never told to sell solutions or I’d be written up, nor have I been given any pamphlets that I have to give to customers. I ask most customers if they want to apply for a Best Buy credit card, but not every one. It’s a matter of feeling out the customer.

For example, if someone comes in and buys a candy bar and seems in a rush, I am obviously not going to ask them if they want to apply for a credit card because they are in a rush. I agree with the corporate and district quotes, but my store manager did not say that we would be written up.

Our store uses encouragement and incentives for getting credit card applications, etc. But they always stress that customer experience is key. I do not speak for Best Buy, and all stores are different.  

I just think that customers need to realise that we are truly doing the best we can. We have lives outside this store, and sometimes it can be very stressful, and although we try our best not to bring that into the store, it inevitably comes out. Standing on your feet for eight to 10 hours a day is difficult, and I think if customers had a little more patience, everyone would have a better day.

Do you work at Best Buy? Send an email to [email protected] and tell us about the culture.

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