Best Buy Customer Says A Geek Squad Employee Kept Racy Photos Of Her

sophia ellison best buy

Photo: Screengrab from nealaug1 on YouTube

Here’s a strange story from a Best Buy customer in Virginia that’s a reminder to keep your personal stuff safe when using services.

The customer, Sophia Ellison, went to the Geek Squad at the Fair Oaks Best Buy store in Fairfax to transfer data to her brand new iPhone, reports Neal Augenstein at WTOP

The employee serving her offered to buy her old iPhone which had a cracked screen. So, he paid her $60 and promised to wipe it. 

The next day, Ellison realised that her new iPhone 4S didn’t have any of her photos, which included “suggestive” personal photos.

When she called to complain, the Geek Squad worker called her back, and told her that he had put all her photos on a CD, and to go to his house to pick them up.


Here’s what a Best Buy spokesperson had to say to WTOP. It looks like the employee has been fired:

“First and foremost, we apologise to this customer for an unfortunate experience caused by what appears to be rogue action against our code of conduct, specifically related to our trade-in program. We hope to restore her trust.

“We can confirm that an employee at this store has been terminated for making a personal transaction with a customer while on duty at the store. We’re continuing our investigation and assure you that we will continue to act promptly to address any inappropriate employee behaviour.”

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