Best Buy is charging $100 more for the iPhone X, and its explanation is infuriating customers

Apple iphone xAppleThe iPhone X.
  • Best Buy is selling the iPhone X for $US100 more than other retailers.
  • The company’s reason for the price increase struck many people as nonsensical.

You already know the iPhone X isn’t cheap. With a $US999 starting price, it’s the most expensive model Apple has ever made.

But if you decide to buy one from Best Buy, it’s even more expensive.

Best Buy is charging $US100 more than any other retailer for the iPhone X, customers discovered as preorders became available on Friday. The 64 GB model cost $US1,099 at Best Buy, instead of the standard $US999 price, and the 256 GB model is going for $US1,249 (normally $US1,149).

When asked why Best Buy was charging more, a company spokesperson gave a mind-numbing answer to Bloomberg:

“Our prices reflect the fact that no matter a customer’s desired plan or carrier, or whether a customer is on a business or personal plan, they are able to get a phone the way they want at Best Buy. Our customers have told us they want this flexibility and sometimes that has a cost.”

If you want to buy an iPhone X, we suggest having flexibility too. Choose from any of the numerous retailers that won’t charge you $US100 more for the phone.

Meanwhile,  Best Buy is getting roasted by angry consumers on social media channels like Twitter:


 Some of the comments on BestBuy’s Facebook page were pretty brutal too:


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