Palm Pres Cost $99 At Best Buy Due To Weekend Glitch

palm pre ces demo

The Palm Pre still costs $199, but over the weekend, more than a few customers bought new ones for $99.

The confusion in Best Buy stores across the country began when a picture of an in-store banner promoting a week long special of a $99 Pre with a 2-year contract was posted online.

But turns out, it was a mistake. And Best Buy marketing manager John Bernier announced the error on his Twitter page Sunday afternoon.

But somehow the deal got programmed into vendor systems and soon, stores across New York and nationwide were selling the phone at the new lower price during the weekend.

Lucky customers who got their phones cheap get to keep them at the lower price, one sales rep told a WSJ reporter:

WSJ: At Best Buy’s store at 13th and Harrison Streets in San Francisco, the salesman told me that the $99 offer might be a glitch in the system. “We’re not sure if they’re going to change it back tomorrow,” he said of the Palm Pre’s price, but they had 30 in stock and had already sold 10.

So if the price gets changed back to $199 tomorrow, I asked him, what would happen if I bought it for $99 today? “You’re good,” he said. “You bought it for $99. Enjoy your phone.”

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