The best burrito in every state

Yelp/Paola R.Cucina Zapata.
  • INSIDER worked with Yelp to find the best place to eat a burrito in every state.
  • The types of burritos range from traditional to sushi to vegan and everything in between.
  • For example, the best burrito in Illinois is a sushi burrito from En Hakkore 2.0.
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Burritos are a classic lunch dish because they’re simple. Really, anything can be a burrito as long as it’s wrapped in a tortilla (or in some cases, a type of seaweed).

To honour this great meal, Yelp provided INSIDER with data naming the best burrito place in every state across the US. Yelp did this by finding the restaurants and food trucks with the most highly-concentrated positive reviews mentioning the word “burrito.”

Without any further ado, here’s the best place to eat a burrito in every state.

ALABAMA: Los Dos Hermanos Taco Truck in Birmingham

Yelp/Isabella D.Los Dos Hermanos Taco Truck.

This cash only taco truck keeps the people of Birmingham filled with burritos – or tacos, tortas, and quesadillas.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

ALASKA: Bear Tooth Theatrepub in Anchorage

Yelp/Keesha A.Bear Tooth Theatrepub.

Bear Tooth is exactly what it sounds like – a movie theatre combined with a pub. They have plenty of different burritos, from the blackened Alaska salmon to steak chipotle.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

ARIZONA: Barista Del Barrio in Tucson

Yelp/Jonathan P.Barista Del Barrio.

Barista Del Barrio combines coffee, breakfast, and Mexican food. In particular, their breakfast burrito is a favourite, filled with “beans, eggs, and the customer’s choice of meat,” including their homemade chorizo.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

ARKANSAS: Mugs Cafe in North Little Rock

Yelp/Sarah G.Mugs Cafe.

Mugs Cafe’s breakfast burrito is a huge hit with customers. It comes with eggs, house made chorizo, tomato, red onion, cilantro, and pepper jack cheese.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

CALIFORNIA: Appu’s Cafe in Long Beach

Yelp/Therese P.Appu’s Cafe.

Customers at Appu’s are treated to Indian burritos like the “Maharaja” which has rice pilaf, lentils, saag paneer (spinach and Indian cheese), and “secret sauce.”

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

COLORADO: Alameda Burrito in Lakewood

Yelp/Andre M.Alameda Burrito.

Regulars at Alameda Burrito swear by the chorizo breakfast burrito and the smothered chicharrón breakfast burrito pictured above.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

CONNECTICUT: Rincon Taqueria in Norwalk

Yelp/Alejandra G.Rincon Taqueria.

The burritos at Rincon Taqueria are as big as your head.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.


Yelp/Braden T.Poca Madre.

Poca Madre’s specialty is the “King Burrito,” which comes stuffed with wagyu beef, lobster, and caviar – all for the price of $US32.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

DELAWARE: El Diablo Burritos in Wilmington

Yelp/Morton F.El Diablo Burritos.

People on Yelp are especially into the short rib burrito and the somewhat nontraditional addition of mushrooms in their Mexican food.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

FLORIDA: Los Bocados in Parkland

Yelp/Los BocadosLos Bocados.

Surprisingly, Los Bocados is located inside a gas station. Two of their most popular items are the Guajillo chicken burrito and the “Toasted Carne Asada Burrito.”

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

GEORGIA: Poke Burri in Atlanta

Yelp/Poke BurriPoke Burri.

Poke Burri offers six pre-made sushi burritos, as well as the option to make your own. They even have one called the “Demogorgon,” named after the monster in “Stranger Things.” It comes with spicy tuna, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, eel sauce, spicy mayo, and tempura flakes.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

HAWAII: Kenji Burger in Kapa’a

Yelp/Constance C.Kenji Burger.

Kenji Burger is located on the island of Kauai, and offers four different sushi burritos as well as burgers, milkshakes, and bowls.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

IDAHO: Even Stevens Sandwiches in Boise

Yelp/Amie A.Even Stevens Sandwiches.

Even Stevens offers three breakfast burritos, called the “Grad,” “Undergrad,” and the vegan “New Morrissey.”

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

ILLINOIS: En Hakkore 2.0 in Chicago

Yelp/Stella K.En Hakkore 2.0.

En Hakkore has six sushi burritos ranging from the vegetarian-friendly sweet potato burrito to the “Crunch+Fire” with spicy tuna and shrimp tempura.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

INDIANA: Ricky’s Taqueria in Elkhart

Yelp/Rhonda S.Ricky’s Taqueria.

While Ricky’s may be small, its huge burritos pack a big punch for as low as $US7.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

IOWA: La Regia Taqueria in Iowa City

Yelp/Kevin A.La Regia Taqueria.

“Iowa City is a wasteland when it comes to good authentic Mexican food. La Regia is an oasis among deserts,” wrote one Yelp user.

Check out its other Yelp reviews here.

KANSAS: Doo-Dah Diner in Wichita

Yelp/Sean P.Doo-Dah Diner.

Doo-Dah’s smothered breakfast burrito is “stuffed full of scrambled eggs, Doo-Dah chorizo, diced potatoes and cheddar cheese, then smothered with green chilli sauce and melted cheddar cheese,” according to its website.

Check out its Yelp reviews.

KENTUCKY: Con Huevos in Louisville

Yelp/Matt B.Con Huevos.

Con Huevos offers two different burritos on their brunch menu: the “Burrito de Mamá,” which is a classic breakfast burrito with eggs, beans, peppers and cheese, and the “Drunken Burrito” which comes with rice, chicken or pork, beans, cheese, and pico de gallo.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

LOUISIANA: Rollin Fatties in New Orleans

Yelp/Jack M.Rollin Fatties.

Rollin Fatties, a food truck, is also the best place to get tacos in the state of Louisiana.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

MAINE: 86 This in Ellsworth

Yelp/Yuyu S.86 This.

86 This has four signature burritos, including the chicken-based “CBGB” and the pulled pork “Boss Hog.”

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

MARYLAND: Water for Chocolate in Baltimore

Yelp/J C.Water for Chocolate.

Water for Chocolate’s breakfast burrito comes with your choice of bacon, sausage, pulled pork, or turkey sausage.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

MASSACHUSETTS: Corner Store in Chatham

Yelp/Billy W.Corner Store.

The Cape Cod-based Corner Store only offers the build your own burrito option for lunch and dinner, but does offer pre-made breakfast burritos.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

MICHIGAN: Jaku Sushi & Grill in Caledonia

Yelp/Dan C.Jaku Sushi & Grill.

Jaku Sushi has 14 different sushi burritos to choose from, plus bento boxes, hibachi, traditional sushi, and plenty of other delicious offerings.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

MINNESOTA: Catrinas Cerveza & Mexican Grill in Oakdale

Yelp/Isaac W.Catrinas Cerveza & Mexican Grill.

The Oakdale location is the first of three – the other two are located in St. Paul and St. Anthony. The flagship location has the highest rating on Yelp, though.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

MISSISSIPPI: Burrito Zone & Tamales in D’Iberville

Yelp/Michelle K.Burrito Zone & Tamales.

Burrito Zone is the locals-only version of your favourite build-your-own-burrito chain. As one Yelp user put it, “Locally owned, good, fresh food! Yep, that about sums it up. “

Check out its other Yelp reviews here.

MISSOURI: BLK MKT Eats in St. Louis

Yelp/Michelle B.BLK MKT Eats.

BLK MKT Eats offers sushi burritos with cheeky names like “What the Cluck,” “Holy Shiitake,” and “Swedish Fish.” They also serve poke bowls and poke-infused nachos.

Check out its Yelp reviews.

MONTANA: Rise and Shine Cafe in Bozeman

Yelp/Danny G.Rise and Shine Cafe.

Rise and Shine’s own website makes it clear that the cafe is known for its breakfast burritos. In addition to their permanent six tasty options, they also offer a burrito of the week.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

NEBRASKA: For the Love of Food Truck in Bellevue

Yelp/Kanani R.For the Love of Food Truck.

“I had the roasted pork burrito. It was incredible. So juicy and delicious and bursting with flavour. I loved the added bits of french fried potatoes in there, too,” wrote one Yelp user.

Check out its other Yelp reviews here.

NEVADA: Jefe’s Taco Shop in Las Vegas

Yelp/Tara G.Jefe’s Taco Shop.

Jefe’s offers not just burritos, but chimichangas as well. For those unfamiliar with a chimichanga: it’s a deep-fried burrito. Say it with us: yum.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: California Burritos in Nashua

Yelp/Audrey B.California Burritos.

In addition to the burritos, California Burritos’ pupusas also earn rave reviews.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

NEW JERSEY: Bollywood Grill in Lake Hiawatha

Yelp/Zachary K.Bollywood Grill.

Bollywood Grill has an entire corner of their menu dedicated to their Indian-style burritos, such as chicken tikka and falafel fusion.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

NEW MEXICO: Palacio Cafe in Santa Fe

Yelp/Oanh M.Palacio Cafe.

Palacio Cafe is known for their smothered burritos, which come in three varieties: chicken and bean, beef and bean, and chicharron and bean.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

NEW YORK: Jajaja in New York City

Surprisingly, Jajaja’s “chorizo” burrito is actually made of seitan – the entire restaurant is vegan.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

NORTH CAROLINA: Sunny Point Cafe in Asheville

Yelp/Bob V.Sunny Point Café.

Sunny Point’s breakfast burrito comes with “scrambled eggs, serranos, peppers and onions, cheddar, chorizo or tofu chorizo, red salsa, and cilantro crema,” according to its menu.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

NORTH DAKOTA: El Paricutin in Dickinson

Yelp/Frankie J.El Paricutin.

Simply put, according to one Yelp user, El Paricutin is “authentic and delicious Mexican food. Extensive menu with pictures on the wall made it easy to order.”

Check out its other Yelp reviews here.

OHIO: Mi Burrito Mexican Grill in West Chester

Yelp/Lisa L.Mi Burrito Mexican Grill.

Mi Burrito is a no-nonsense burrito joint. They offer barbacoa, steak, ground beef, carnitas, chicken, or veggie burritos.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

OKLAHOMA: Cali Burrito in Lawton

Yelp/Reeva F.Cali Burrito in Lawton.

Cali Burrito’s signature burrito has the perfect name: the “Burrito California.” It’s a tortilla stuffed with “french fries, bacon, your choice of meat, pico de gallo, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and our special chipotle sauce,” according to the menu.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

OREGON: The Spicy Spoon in Portland

Yelp/Leon V.The Spicy Spoon.

“Hands down my favourite burrito in Portland! The hot sauces are great, the service is welcoming, and I always leave satisfied,” wrote one Yelp user.

Check out its other Yelp reviews here.

PENNSYLVANIA: Cucina Zapata in Philadelphia

Yelp/Paola R.Cucina Zapata.

Cucina Zapata’s most famous dish is their “Cap’n Crunch Burrito,” which is a burrito filled with two slabs of cereal-encrusted tilapia.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

RHODE ISLAND: Paco’s Tacos in Cranston

Yelp/Lucy G.Paco’s Tacos.

This taco truck offers burritos, tacos, tortas, flautas and their own house made guacamole.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Java Burrito Company on Hilton Head Island

Yelp/Stephen M.Java Burrito Company.

Java Burrito has its own burrito bar, where customers can choose exactly what they want to go inside their burrito.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Jacky’s Restaurant in Sioux Falls

Yelp/Chris S.Jacky’s Restaurant.

Jacky’s has a few burritos to choose from, but none are as popular as the “Wet Shrimp Burrito,” which is “stuffed with rice, beans, delicious shrimp, and topped with creamy sauce and melted cheese.”

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

TENNESSEE: Carreta in Mount Juliet

Carreta has 11 burritos to choose from, not including their seven other breakfast burrito variations on their aptly titled “Big Menu.”

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

TEXAS: T-Loc’s Sonora Hot Dogs in Austin

Yelp/Mark M.T-Loc’s Sonora Hot Dogs.

Don’t let the name fool you – T-Loc’s does much more than hot dogs. They have carne asada, bean and cheese, and “Eggsplosion” burritos on the menu.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

UTAH: Tacos La Pasadita in Green River

Yelp/Trevor P.Tacos La Pasadita.

According to one Yelp user, “5 stars and 293 reviews says it all. This place is the bomb. If ever there was a roadside food truck to stop by this is the one. The best Mexican food I have ever had.”

Check out its other Yelp reviews here.

VERMONT: Mojo Cafe in Ludlow

Yelp/Charlie P.Mojo Cafe.

Mojo Cafe combines Mexican food with New Orleans cuisine, serving tacos, po’ boys, and, of course, burritos.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

VIRGINIA: Uptown Cafe in Centreville

Yelp/Ted M.Uptown Cafe.

Uptown Cafe’s breakfast burrito is served with your choice of meat, scrambled eggs, cheese, grilled onions, and green peppers.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

WASHINGTON: Pita’s Taqueria in Enumclaw

Yelp/Elizabeth S.Pita’s Taqueria.

Pita’s Taqueria offers the usual suspects when it comes to meat, like steak, chicken, or pulled pork, but also has a less common option: lengua, or beef tongue.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

WEST VIRGINIA: Maria’s Taqueria in Shepherdstown

Yelp/Lauren M.Maria’s Taqueria.

Maria’s keeps it simple: they have classic, carnivore and herbivore options for burrito lovers to choose from.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

WISCONSIN: Beans & Barley Cafe in Milwaukee

Yelp/Chrissy H.Beans & Barley Cafe.

Beans & Barley’s most beloved burrito is their sweet potato and black bean burrito, which comes with “roasted sweet potatoes, guacamole, black beans, corn, Mexican rice, served with lime sour cream,” according to their menu.

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

WYOMING: Sweet Melissa’s in Laramie

Yelp/Sheila E.Sweet Melissa’s.

Sweet Melissa’s is aptly named – its best burrito is the “Smothered Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito,” which comes with “sweet potatoes, black beans, and pepper jack in a giant whole wheat tortilla,” according to its menu. It’s then “smothered with green chilli, and topped with sour cream, lime, and scallions.”

Check out its Yelp reviews here.

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