5 Great 'Breaking Bad' Mashups To Console You After The Finale

That’s it. There’s absolutely no more new episodes of “Breaking Bad” to watch.

Though nothing will completely fill the void in our hearts now that the finale has aired, we’ve been compiling some of the best mashups of the show to help aid in closure.

If you haven’t watched the series, major spoilers ensue.

A tribute fitting to our favourite junkie, Jesse Pinkman:

This video we came across is a fitting farewell to our favourite “Breaking Bad” characters.

A compilation of every time Jesse says his favourite curse word.

Relive creator Vince Gilligan’s great point-of-view shots in this great montage:

You can’t talk about “Breaking Bad” without discussing it’s great montages. Here’s one of our favourites from season 5, “Crystal Blue Persuasion.”

Bonus: Does the “Need for Speed” trailer count? This totally looks like a sequel about Jesse’s revenge on everyone.

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