The 10 Best Branded Social Media Wins Of The Year So Far

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This is the second of a six-part series called “The Social Wave.” This series examines how social media is changing the advertising landscape. “The Social Wave” is sponsored by ShareThis.

superman man on fireOne of the most viral ads of the year — but who made it?

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Recently, we brought you the 10 worst social media fails of the year so far, because even though it’s still Q1 brands are still screwing up right, left and centre when it comes to Twitter and Facebook.It might be more useful, however, to see what the companies who are knocking it out of the park are doing.

These are the brands whose social media moves in 2013 have gotten most traction online. The companies include Urban Outfitters, Maker’s Mark and Kraft.

10. Honey Boo Boo bought a Facebook ad to sell girl scout cookies.

She has 700,000 fans, and shipped a LOT of cookies.

(Less well-known was the fact that during his 30-day lasted just 24 hours before he tweeted again. He tweeted four times in total before going back to his regular habit of multiple messages a day, the next month.)

8. A&W awarded an assignment to Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions after the agency sent a 'LinkedIn-bomb' to its executives.

Every staffer at the shop sent A&W Restaurant president Kevin Bazner and director of marketing Sarah Blasi LinkedIn messages titled 'Welcome to Lexington,' on the same day.

Cornett is now A&W's lead agency.

7. Urban Outfitters made itself the first advertiser to use Vine, the new 6-second video app for Twitter. Although the video didn't get retweeted much, the fact that UO was quick off the mark generated a huge amount of earned news coverage.

6. Maker's Mark had its 'New Coke' moment when it announced it would change its recipe to cut the alcohol level, due to high demand and low supply.

Fans hated the idea -- and Maker's Mark quickly reversed course, using a combo of Twitter and Facebook to get word of its U-turn out as soon as possible.

Its apology to consumers was liked 28,000 times.

5. Warner Bros' trailer for 'Man of Steel' has been viewed more than 28 million times on YouTube.

4. Budweiser got most retweets of all the Super Bowl advertisers.

#Clydesdales was the winning branded tweet, per Networked Insights.

It also got 11 million views for its Super Bowl ad, making it one of the most-shared ads on YouTube of the year so far:

3. Tesla wasted no time in striking back at a New York Times review which said its electric car ran out of charge, leaving a writer stranded.

CEO Elon Musk rallied his fans with this tweet (below) and then a lengthy blog post that took down the Times article blow by blow. That prompted the Times ombudsman to criticise -- but not entirely dismiss -- the piece. Bottom line, Tesla won by being aggressive.

1. Kraft: When the lights went off unexpectedly at the Super Bowl for 34 minutes on Feb. 4, the folks on Oreo's social media team didn't blink. They responded almost immediately with this tweet. It was retweeted 16,000 times, easily the most memorable tweet of the evening.

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