The 10 Best BBQ Joints In America

The U.S. is a smorgasbord of the finest BBQ joints, engulfing all styles from sweet and saucy to simple and smoky.

TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, set out to find the crème de la crème of restaurants serving up low-and-slow cooked meats. It came out with a list of the 10 best BBQ joints in the U.S., ranked by millions of user reviews. It only considered establishments that have a minimum of 100 reviews, and gave more weight to reviews written in the past year.

Let’s dig in.

10. Madd Jacks Grillin Shack -- Cape Canaveral, Florida

6006 N. Atlantic Ave.

This beach-themed BBQ hut is where East Coast flare meets West Coast style. Chef Robby O'Connor serves up generous portions of California-style barbecue, including his signature sliced tri-tips and brisket.

9. Poppa's BBQ -- Clearwater, Florida

12211 49th St. N.

The deliciously simple (and dirt cheap) menu at Poppa's BBQ includes an assortment of Memphis-style baby back ribs, slow-smoked pulled pork, and chicken legs so tender that the meat slides off the bone. And owner Mike DeWeese isn't afraid to show off -- lining the counter with his competitive barbecuing trophies.

8. Captain's BBQ -- Palm Coast, Florida

5862 N Oceanshore Blvd.

At this oceanfront spot, you can dock your boat out front and re-stock on bait, tackle, and meat. Part-fishing-shop, part-restaurant -- Captain's slow-cooks all of its meats and hot sides in a wood-burning specialty smoker to give them a delicious smoked wood flavour.

7. Joe's BBQ -- Blue Ridge, Georgia

3365 E. First St.

Southeastern barbecue tradition reigns supreme at Joe's, where they're serving the classics such as Brunswick Stew and mayo-based 'Alabama white' BBQ sauce. The baked stuffed potato -- stuffed with chicken or pork and topped with melted cheddar, sour cream, bacon bits, and chives -- is a meal in itself.

6. Jim's Smokin' Que -- Blairsville, Georgia

4970 Gainesville Hwy.

Blairsville's quintessential mum-and-pop BBQ shop sells out fast, so customers often call ahead to reserve juicy ribs, chicken, or meat. If you're lucky enough to score a table, celebrate with homemade sides like macaroni salad or sweet potato fries sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon -- for just $US1.79 each.

5. Hickory Pit Bar-B-Que -- Chattanooga, Tennessee

5611 Ringgold Rd.

This little log cabin restaurant sits in the middle of a parking lot. Blink and you'll miss it. But you'll be sorry you did -- inside, there are juicy, hickory-smoked meats served on plates, as sandwiches, or stuffed inside a 'killer' stuffed potato. Order with a side of straight-cut 'freedom' fries.

4. Wiley's Championship BBQ -- Savannah, Georgia

4700 Highway 80 East, Suite N

Husband and wife team Wiley and Janet McCrary have 30 years of competitive barbecueing experience under their belts. They put it to good use at Wiley's, the brick and mortar restaurant they opened in 2008. They're serving up ribs slathered in original 'Better Than Sex BBQ Sauce,' which adds a tangy sweetness to the warm, tender meat.

3. Bogart's Smokehouse -- Saint Louis, Missouri

1627 South 9th St.

From the apricot-brûléed ribs to the melt-in-your-mouth pastrami, Bogart's Smokehouse strives to bring the freshest, most flavorful barbecue to the 'Show-Me' state. Chef Skip Steele designed and built a grill at the age of 14, opened his first store while in college, and has been 'showing how BBQ's done' ever since.

2. Oklahoma Joe's BBQ & Catering -- Kansas City, Kansas

3002 W 47th Ave.

When the owner of a local gas station closed the little fried chicken counter operating inside the store, competitive barbecuer Jeff Stehney decided 'it seemed like a pretty good place for a barbecue joint.' He and his wife transformed the space into a slow-cookin' sanctuary, later named one of the 'Thirteen Places to Eat Before You Die' by Anthony Bourdain.

1. Franklin Barbecue -- Austin, Texas

900 E. 11th

Barbecue runs thick in the veins of every Texan. Aaron Franklin, a second-generation BBQ joint-proprietor, and his wife Stacy have perfected the Lone Star State trinity of barbecue: brisket, ribs, and sausage. Franklin Barbecue invites lines that snake around the block, and has sold out of brisket every day of its existence.

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