9 Brooklyn Barbecue Joints Even A Southerner Would Love

In the past, meat lovers may have flocked to the southern states for the best ribs or pulled pork, but some amazing barbecue is being made right here in New York City, specifically in Brooklyn.

With the introduction of new barbecue joints like Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue, and the expansion of beloved favourites like Dinosaur Bar-B-Que,¬†these days Brooklyn can hold its own against classic barbecue towns like Atlanta, Memphis, and St. Louis. Chefs are even beginning to develop what Thrillist is calling¬†“New York-style barbecue.”

Here are nine barbecue greats in Brooklyn that even southerners will love. Let us know if we missed one.


Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Fatty 'Cue

91 South Sixth Street

'Some barbecue lovers might sneer at the idea of rhubarb kimchee served with their brisket, but at Fatty 'Cue... the meat is as perfectly smoked as anything you're likely to find in the South,' writes New York Post restaurant critic Max Gross.

Fatty 'Cue looks at barbecue through an Asian lens, making it completely OK, and completely delicious, to pair pork spare ribs with a yellow curry custard instead of your more typical bourbon barbecue sauce. Most notable on the menu is the half pig head. Exactly what it sounds like, it comes with a spring onion salad, pickles, and steamed bao.

Fette Sau

Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue

Mable's Smokehouse and Banquet Hall

44 Berry Street

'I'm from the South and this is pretty tasty BBQ for NY,' wrote Yelp reviewer Elizabeth K.

Operated by a husband and wife team Jeff Lutonsky and Meghan Love, from Oklahoma and Kentucky respectively, Mable's is named for Lutonsky's grandmother Mable and serves up her own original recipes. Mable's does barbecue even on the weekends, where for brunch you can order a sweet and savory corn cake with Maker's Mark-infused pulled pork and a side of collards.

Mighty Quinn's

Pork Slope

247 Fifth Avenue

'Our first restaurant we visited in Brooklyn? Pork Slope. We had to see how NYC did southern style BBQ. And strangely enough, they succeeded,' wrote Yelp reviewer and Houston native Jon H.

While Pork Slope is known more for being a bar than a smoke house (but who doesn't love a good bourbon with their BBQ?), patrons will find a sumptuous menu of meaty sandwiches, sides, and, for the purists, meat for meat's sake.

The Smoke Joint/Little Brother

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