The Most Iconic Banksy Works Of All Time

The notoriously secretive and satirical street artist known as Banksy has been surprising people around the world for two decades now. His works draw thousands of tourists and have sold in auctions for hundreds of thousands — even millions — of dollars.
Earlier this week Banksy revealed he would spend the month of October putting up art around New York City.

In honour of his NYC takeover, we’re taking a look back at some of his most iconic works.

In 2003, Banksy staged an exhibit in a warehouse in London's East End. It was shut down after two days.

This is one in a series of controversial works he did on the barrier separating Israel and Palestine in 2005.

Banksy painted Charles Manson as a hitchhiker on a London street corner in 2005.

Some interpret this 2006 work as a critique of the British government. It was painted over after two months.

A painted live elephant was part of Banksy's secretive 'Barely Legal' exhibition, held in Los Angeles in 2006.

After this Banksy work appeared in 2006, Bristol's city council surveyed residents to see whether they should remove it or not. 97% voted in favour of keeping it.

This piece from 2007 shows a worker who got tired of painting street lines.

This dove was part of an installation known as 'Santa's Ghetto,' painted in Bethlehem around Christmastime in 2007.

A tunnel near London's Waterloo Station was turned into a giant exhibition space in 2008.

Some say this piece was Banksy's way of making a statement on the ban some U.K. organisations proposed on plastic bags in 2008.

This was one in a series of paintings that appeared when Banksy took over New Orleans in 2008 on the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Banksy was caught on tape while painting this mural at a London pub. It features his signature red balloon.

This work appeared in 2008 and is ironically positioned right under a security camera.

Now he's in NYC for his latest project, called 'Better Out Than In.'

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