12 apps you need to plan the perfect wedding

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful, fun, exhilarating, and hair-pulling experiences you’ll ever go through.

The months leading up to your big day involve juggling all kinds of responsibilities, and the actual event has its own special set of logistics to work through.

Luckily, there are some great apps and hacks you can use to make planning your wedding a little easier.

The first app you should download is WeddingHappy. It will change your life.


Think of it like your ultimate wedding checklist. Plug in your ceremony date, and the app will break down all the tasks you need to have completed, from booking a photographer to buying a cake, with estimated dates you should plan on completing them by.

Cost: Free

Available on: iPhone

Get your toned wed bod with Sworkit.


Your wedding is the perfect motivation to get you in shape. The best fitness app for most people is Sworkit, which combines aerobic, strength, resistance, and flexibility workouts in a friendly interface.

Cost: Free (In-app purchase removes ads, lets you save multiple custom workouts)

Available on: iPhone, Android

Make your wedding's website with Squarespace and you'll save a lot of time.


Squarespace is a great website building tool for people who don't know how to code HTML and all of the technical skills required to make a site from scratch.

There are plenty of platforms out there to choose from, like WordPress, but Squarespace has a lot of gorgeous themes designed for weddings. You can also customise a theme easily to make new pages and tweak the design to give it more of a unique look.

Cost: $US8 per month for hosting with a free trial


Collaborate on tasks and ideas with your partner using Wunderlist.


Wunderlist is a free to-do app that lets you create lists of tasks and assign them to other people. Tasks can even be commented on so you and your bae can go back and forth on what needs to get done.

Cost: Free

Available on: iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows

Use this free wedding hashtag generator.

The Wedding of My Dreams

Let's face it: Every wedding needs a good hashtag these days, especially if you plan on posting any media to social networks. When your guests are Instagramming and posting pictures from the wedding to Facebook, you want them using the same hashtag as you can go back and see everything that's shared.

WeddingWire has a free hashtag generator that will help you pick the perfect one. Just plug in information like your names and ceremony date to get some ideas.

Cost: Free


Make your registry with Zola or Amazon.


There are a lot of wedding registry sites out there, but Zola.com is the best for most people. It's easy to use and lets you pick from multiple brands and even ask for money to fund experiences, like a honeymoon trip. There's also a built-in thank you letter tool for tracking who buys you want from your list.

Zola will send you a notification when something has been purchased off your list and let you control when it's shipped, which is helpful if you'd rather get it at another address after you're married. The value of anything that's bought can also be converted into gift cards.

The main problem with Zola is that it has a pretty limited list of items you can add, with a focus on household and kitchen goods.

To create a more varied list with different brands, try making an Amazon registry with recommendations from The Sweethome.

Let your guests give you money if you don't want gifts.


Square Cash's cashtags lets anyone send you money from their bank account online, no strings or fees attached. You can create your own cashtag and let people donate to something like a honeymoon fund. It's also a good thing to use for collecting money for bachelor and bachelortte parties.

Cost: Free

Learn more: Square's website

Create a shared playlist for your reception with Spotify.

Tech Insider

Spotify lets you create a collaborative playlist that you and your partner can both add songs to. Whether you're hiring a DJ or mixing your reception yourself, it's a great way to get a list of all the songs you want to play on your special day.

Cost: Free with ads and shuffle mode enabled, $US9.99 per month to unlock everything

Available: iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, web

Share expenses with your wedding party using Splitwise.


There's nothing worse than having to deal with a bunch of friends that all owe you money.

Splitwise makes it easy to divvy up the costs of an event or group, like bachelor or bachelorette party, between multiple people. You can settle up with cash, Paypal, or Venmo and use the app to keep track of it all.

Cost: Free

Available on: iPhone, Android, web

Save money and make your own photo booth with this iPad app.

Joe and Jen Photography

Don't want to pay thousands of dollars for a fancy photo booth at your reception? Use an iPad, tripod, backdrop, and props instead.

Simple Booth makes a great app that turns your iPad into a photo booth interface that's really easy to use. It uses the iPad's camera to take the pictures and lets you quickly share them on social media or send them in an email.

Here are some more tips for making your own photo booth, if you're interested.

Cost: $US59.99

Available on: iPad

Dark Sky will make sure bad weather doesn't ruin your big day.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a seemingly magical weather app for the iPhone that sends you an alert before it's about to rain. It also has hyper-accurate weather predictions with hi-res radar so you can see when the clouds are rolling in.

Cost: $US3.99

Available on: iPhone, iPad

Book your wedding night room or even honeymoon with Airbnb.

The house in Isla Mujeres, Mexico costs $249 per night.

If you feel like switching things up and possibly saving a lot of money, consider booking your honeymoon with Airbnb. There are thousands of rooms in over 190 countries at a range of prices, and you're likely going to get a much more unique experience than you would at a big hotel.

Available on: Web, iPhone, iPad, Android

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