100 apps that will make your life better in the New Year

Scott Barbour/Getty ImagesApps can help with anything these days.
  • Smartphones have so much capability with all the apps that are available.
  • In almost category imaginable, there is an app for that.
  • These are the best 100 apps to help with every aspect of life.

Smartphone users know that apps can help make everyday tasks easier. From grocery shopping to bus schedules, there’s an app out there that can help make your to-do list a whole lot more manageable.

But if all you’re doing is ordering pizzas and pulling up driving directions, you’re totally missing out. Your smartphones and tablets are capable of managing practically every aspect of your life. We’ve pulled together a list of 100 apps that will make your life easier.


Shutterstock/Iryna RaskoApps for travelling by car, plane, train, and anything else.

Your friends will know exactly when you’ll arrive with ETA – Arrive on time. The navigation app lets you send notifications to friends and family so they know exactly when to expect you.

Find your way with Waze, a personal traffic guide that helps you identify the best route to reach your destination. Get alerts about shortcuts, red light cameras, and accidents along the way.

Before you pull up to the pump, check out GasBuddy, which helps you find the best deals on gas wherever you go.

Keep up with your flight plans and rental car reservations with TripIt, the travel planning app that keeps track of all of the details of your trip and creates one convenient itinerary.

Hotel Tonight gives you access to last minute deals on hotel rooms in cities across the country.

Never get caught in a thunderstorm again. Weather Underground lets you know exactly what Mother Nature has planned.

Don’t worry about getting lost in a new city. Citymapper helps you find the best way to reach your destination.


Columbia PicturesApps for recipes, ingredients, and nutrition information.

Spoon Guru helps users manage food allergies and intolerances, by locating products and recipes that work with your diet.

Eat out less when you find and save your favourite recipes on Yummly. The app allows you to set dietary preferences for recipes and add all of the ingredients to your personal shopping list.

Cookpad lets you share your favourite homemade recipes with a global network of users.

If you need to watch and learn while you cook, try Allrecipes Video Cookbook.The app lets you see a recipe being followed from start to yummy finish.

Foodswitch USA helps you make the best food choices. Simply scan the barcode of your packaged foods and the database of packaged foods monitors fat, salt, and other ingredients to help you choose the healthiest options.


HAKINMHAN/ iStockFigure out tips, dietary restrictions at restaurants, and Starbucks.

Dining out is easier with Tipulator. Calculate tips quickly, even when you’re splitting the bill with others.

Happy Cow helps vegan and vegetarian eaters find diet-friendly restaurants in their city.

If you’re looking to take a break from chain restaurants, Local Eats can help you find a hidden gem. The app helps users find local restaurants in participating cities.

Secret Menu for Starbucks! gives you access to drinks that aren’t on the regular menu with instructions on how to order.


ShutterstockThere are tons of ways to stream music.

Music recognition app Shazam helps you identify the title and artist of that song you can’t seem to get out of your head, and offers links download so you can listen until another song takes its place.

Listen to your favourite songs and artists while discovering new ones on Pandora.The basic app is free, but you can pay to listen without commercials and unlimited skips of songs you don’t like.

YouTube Music gives users access to over 30 million music videos. If you don’t know the name of the song you’re looking for, you can search by the lyrics.

Apple Music works with Android and iOS. Sample songs from the massive iTunes library as well as Beats 1 radio for exclusive interviews with artists and DJs.

Spotify streaming music app lets you listen to your favourite songs and artists, create playlists, and share with other music lovers.


Transit gives users real-time information on bus and train arrivals, updates on service changes, and options on best routes to take to help you get where you need to go.

WiFi Map helps you find the strongest signal, pointing you to the nearest hotspots. There’s also a feature that allows you to share your favourite locations with your friends.

MileIQ helps you get the max out of your expense reports. The app lets you use your smartphone to keep track of how many miles you’re driving.


Paramount PicturesApps for finding deals, rewards, and food delivery.

Mercari gets you cash for the clothes you no longer wear. Post a pic and a description of the item you want to sell, and collect your earnings once it sells. Mercari takes 10% of your earnings.

Feel good about the cosmetics and household items you buy. Cruelty-Free keeps users in the know about companies in the United States and Canada that don’t test their products on animals.

Buy all of your favourite products from the comfort of your couch with Amazon Shopping. The app lets you shop for products, create and share wish lists on your smartphone.

RetailMeNot helps you save on your favourite items, keeping you in the know about coupons, rebates, and sales near you.

The party doesn’t have to stop just because you ran out of salsa. Postmates lets you have food and drinks delivered straight to your door in an hour or less.

Clear out closet clutter and earn a few bucks in the process with Poshmark, the app that allows you to buy and sell clothing from your phone or tablet.

Manage your store rewards in one place with Flipp. The shopping app clips coupons from your local store circulars, and stores all of the discounts on your smartphone.

Leave the plastic cards at home. The Key Ring Reward Cards app makes room on your wallet and keeps all of your rewards info in one place.

Running out of milk doesn’t have to new a problem. Shipt will have groceries delivered to your door within an hour after your order is placed.

With Drizly, you’ll never run out of bottles to pop at your party. You can have your wine, beer, and liquor delivered to your door in an hour or less.


iStockKeep a budget, pay your friends back, and invest with these apps.

Mint: Personal Finance & Money keeps your financial information in one place. The money management app allows users to keep track of their finances and maintain your budget.

Send and receive cash from your contacts with Venmo money sharing app. Splitting the bill has never been easier.

You Need A Budget helps users reach their financial goals while learning budgeting basics from the experts… The app helps users pay down debt and live within their means.

Missing bill payments can cost you money in the long run. Prism keeps information about your bills in one place and helps you stay on top of due dates and balance information.

Taxfyle helps you organise your information and file your taxes from your smartphone.

Robinhood: Invest. Buy. Trade. lets you invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more from your smartphone.

Health and Wellness

Guido De Bortoli/Getty ImagesApps to give you workout routines, monitor your water intake, and stick to goals.

Work out wherever you are with Sworkit. The fitness app gives you access to personal trainers and no equipment workouts for your entire body on the go.

Daily Yoga keeps your yoga practice in your pocket. The app comes with a variety of practice options targeting different parts of the body.

Monitor your menstrual cycle with Clue, the app that tracks your period.

Playing games can be good for your health.Happify, the app with gam\es designed to reduce your stress.

Streaks helps you stick to all of your New Year’s resolutions. The app helps reinforce good habits and eliminate bad with reminders, timers, and task lists.

Keep track of your daily intake of H2O with Waterlogged. Integrate with your Fitbit to incorporate with your overall fitness goals.

From 5Ks to marathons, train for the big race with Nike+ Run Club, a customisable training plan for runners.

Peloton Digital gives you access to live and pre-recorded fitness classes at your fingertips.

If you’re a newbie in the weight room, you don’t have to be shy. Let SWEAT guide you through a customised workout.

Lose It! lets you set up a personalised weight loss plan including a daily budget, fitness, and nutrition goals.

Mango Health helps users keep track of their medications, keeping dosage and scheduling information in one convenient place.

CARROT Fit is a weight loss app that gives you the motivation you need to drop those pounds. The trainer encourages you to track your progress.

If you don’t have hours to spend in the gym, don’t worry. The 7 Minute Workout Challenge app has quick workouts you can take on the go.


20th Century FoxKeep a group calendar, store your passwords, and save articles.

Cloze helps you keep up with communication from the people who are most important to you, grouping emails, social media posts and helping you prioritise what’s in your inbox.

If too much time on Words With Friends is keeping you from meeting your deadlines,Focus – Time Manager can help you eliminate distractions so you can get the job done.

Sync Me matches your phone contacts with their social media profile photos to help you identify unknown callers and keep spammers at bay.

Say goodbye to Post-Its for good. Google Keep lets you keep all of your notes organised in one convenient place.

Evernote Scannable is like having a personal assistant on your smartphone. The app scans business cards, meeting notes, and more into your personal account.

Pocket saves articles and videos from your inbox and social media feed in one convenient place. The app also recommends related content based on your preferences.

Unroll.Me makes your inbox more manageable, scanning for subscriptions and giving you the option to unsubscribe or group messages together in one easy to digest weekly email.

Getting a group together is easier with Doodle, the scheduling app that syncs with your calendar to find a time when everyone is available.

Make helping around the house fun with Choremonster. Kids can earn points for doing their chores that can be cashed in for rewards.

Group work doesn’t have to be a pain. Asana helps users collaborate on projects, managing deadlines and keeping track of to-dos until you get the job done.

From soccer practice to appointments at the vet, families can keep track of important events by sharing calendars with Cozi.

Forget about resetting every time you go online. LastPass keeps your passwords in one convenient place.

Create private messaging groups with family, friends, and coworkers with GroupMe.

Pushbullet lets you send notes from your computer to a smartphone or tablet making your devices work together to make sure you are productive.

The Fantastical 2 calendar app lets you manage your reminders and helps keep you on schedule.

Pocket lets you save articles, images, and videos from the web in one place, archiving everything so you can access the content offline.

Google Keep lets you store and organise all of those scribbled notes cluttering your space in one convenient place.

Self Care

A. C. Fowler/INSIDERApps to track your sleep, keep track of your feelings, and meditate.

Get free guided meditation for beginners with the Headspace meditation app. Pay to subscribe for more advanced practice.

Shine delivers affirmations straight to your smartphone, giving you the confidence you need to get through the day.

Keep your anxiety in check with Worry Watch. The journal feature allows you to record what worries you, identify patterns, and put yourself at ease.

Need help going to sleep?White Noise plays sounds of rain, waves, fans, and more to help you catch some zzzs.

Keep track of your sleep cycle with Sleep Better: Sleep Cycle App. The app also lets you track alcohol and caffeine consumption to help you identify things that may be keeping you from a good night’s sleep,

Blow off some steam with Pigment, the adult colouring app that allows you to tap into your inner 5-year-old.

Talkspace gives users access to licensed therapists without having to travel to an office.


Flickr/ddohlerGet on-demand walks, see where your pet is allowed, and make your dog gets exercise.

Pets don’t have to miss out on the family vacation. Bring Fido helps you find pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and attractions at your destination.

Get dog walking on demand with Wag! Keep up with your pooch with text updates, GPS tracking, and pictures.

Make sure your dog is getting enough exercise with Map My Dog Walk, like a FitBit for your pup.

Pet First Aid by the American Red Cross lets you know exactly what to do in the event that your pet has a medical emergency.

Get grooming, vet care, and training in your home with Treat, the app that makes caring for your pet more convenient.


ShutterstockLearn a new language, find a synonym, and watch a TED talk.

Duolingo is a language learning app offers free courses in Spanish, French, German, and more.

Make sure you spell everything correctly with Dictionary.com.

Learn something new with Coursera, the app that gives you access to thousands of courses (some of which are free).

Access a library of over 1,500 TED Talks videos with the TED app.

Build your vocabulary with Vocabulary.com, the app that uses quizzes and games to help you learn new words.

Take your favourite books with you with the Kindle app for tablets and smartphones.


Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for MTVListen to podcasts, see your favourite artist, and make collages.

Find out where your favourite band is performing with BandsInTown. The app notifies you the artists you love to come to a city near you.

Jokes LOL is a database of jokes that are appropriate for all ages.

There’s a lot of news out there. Nwsty helps you sort through it all by curating six – 10 of the most important headlines to keep you in the know.

Pocket Casts delivers curated podcast content based on your interests and what’s trending.

Build a collage of your favourite photos with Pic Stitch. Then add effects perfect for sharing.

Plan a movie night with friends with Atom Tickets. The app lets you skip all of the lines, ordering tickets and concessions in advance.


E!Apps to video chat, get recommendations, and send a greeting card.

Google Duo is a video calling app that lets iPhones and Androids communicate.

Skip the line at the drugstore. JustWink is a greeting card app that lets you send well wishes to friends and family for every occasion.

Rex lets you get recommendations on books, movies, restaurants, and more from your network of friends.

Eventbrite lets users know what’s happening in their hood and helps them score tickets to be a part of the fun.

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