11 Addictive New Apps For Killing Time On Your Commute

The commute to and from work is rarely fun, so it’s nice to have some interesting apps to help pass the time.

Since many people use public transit or the subway for getting to work, we’ve collected apps that can work off-line, so you don’t have to worry about having good reception.

From fast-paced puzzle games to episodic mystery adventures you can chip away at, there’s something to fit everyone’s taste.

'Kiwanuka' is a puzzle game that puts you in charge of dozens of citizens.

In 'Kiwanuka' (iOS, Android), you guide a clustered group of citizens toward the exit, telling them to both build and destroy towers to reach the goal.

'Jupiter Jump' is an action game that starts with a crash landing.

Strategic bouncing is the name of the game in 'Jupiter Jump' (iOS, Android). Dodge the mines and stay alive as long as you can, but don't be afraid of close shaves: You're awarded for riskier maneuvers.

'Paperama' is an Origami-based puzzle game.

With a limited number of folds to complete the outlined shape, 'Paperama' (iOS, Android) requires a precise touch and some patience.

'Blackwell 1: Legacy' is a modern mystery adventure game with a classic art style.

In the first episode of the 'Blackwell' (iOS) mystery series, you follow spirit medium Rosa Blackwell as she treks through New York City guided by the family ghost, jokester Joey Mallone.

'Timberman' is a fast-paced mini game where reaction time is everything.

Chop as fast you can through four levels in 'Timberman' (iOS, Android). The faster you chop, the longer you stay alive, just make sure to swap sides to avoid the descending branches.

'Blast-A-Way' puts you in control of a robot tasked with saving lost Boxies.

Filled with colourful levels made of fabric, wood, metal, plastic, and stone, 'Blast-A-Way' (iOS, Android) lets you use cartoonish weapons and violence to save the Boxies and solve the puzzle.

'No Brakes' is a simplistic app with some tricky controls.

The goal of 'No Brakes' (iOS, Android) is to drift around the corners while maintaining as fast a speed as possible. The pastel-coloured levels seamlessly change the longer you stay alive.

'Grub' is a modern re-imagining of the classic 'Snake' game.

'Grub' (iOS) lets you control your character by tilting and turning your iPhone or iPad. Chomp away at apples to grow longer, but avoid the hedgehogs and wolves.

'Watercolors' is a puzzle game where colour mixing is a must.

In 'Watercolors' (iOS), players must fill in the shapes while filling in the circular nodes with the correct colour.

'Sonic Jump Fever' is a frantic skyward race against the clock.

'Sonic Jump Fever' (iOS, Android) lets you control your favourite blue hedgehog as he jumps and double-jumps upwards as time ticks away. When you're on a streak, you enter 'Fever Mode,' zooming into hyper drive and racking up even more points.

'Jellies' lets you play as the fingerless Bob the Fisherman.

Help fisherman Bob recover as many of his stolen fingers as he can in 60 seconds. 'Jellies' (iOS) lets you shock, bomb, and freeze the jellyfish into submission, collecting combos along the way for the more jellies you collect.

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