There Are Already A Ton Of Apps For Google Glass

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Google Glass isn’t even officially out yet, but apps for the Internet-connected eyewear are popping up all over the web. 

Google officially only offers five apps: Google+, Gmail, Google Now, The New York Times, and Path.

But that’s not stopping early Glass adopters from creating their own apps. 

“Google hasn’t provided an official channel for app discovery (yet – there’s a lot of speculation about the role of Google Play),” Chris Maddern, a Google Glass Explorer and creator of AppsForGlass, told Business Insider via email. “And as we’ve seen in mobile it’s one of the big challenges with any new, growing platform and so we want to help with that right from the beginning – who knows if there’ll be a need for the platform in a year once Google has a comprehensive distribution and discovery strategy.”

So for now, Glass Explorers like Maddern are stepping up to provide easy discovery of apps for early Google Glass users. Other than AppsForGlass, there’s a handful of other websites aimed to make it easier to find apps for Glass. 

Official or unofficial, all of the apps are free and don’t include any advertisements. Most of the apps are pretty easy to install through Google’s Mirror API, though some require a bit more technical expertise.

Fullscreen BEAM app is the first YouTube app for Google Glass.

BEAM is the first app that lets you upload video content directly to YouTube. After it's uploaded, you can obviously either keep it private or auto-share the video to Twitter.

You can see how it works here.

Status: Unofficial

The New York Times app is one of the first official apps for Glass.

The New York Times app for Glass sends breaking news alerts, hourly news updates, and reads article summaries aloud to you.

Status: Official

The Path app provides seamless sharing between Google Glass and the mobile-only social network.

With Path's app for Google Glass, users can share messages, photos, and moments directly to Path. Path, just like The New York Times, is one of the first official Google-approved apps for Glass.

Status: Official


Glassagram is for adding throwback filters to your photos taken with Google Glass. It truly is Instagram for Google Glass.

Status: Unofficial

Send to Facebook app for Glass makes it simple to upload your photos directly to Facebook.

For now, the only two approved social network apps for Google Glass are Path and Google+, of course. But Tesseract Mobile, the makers of Android games like Solitaire Free Pack and Gin Rummy, just created the first Facebook app for Glass.

Here's how it works: choose a photo to send, tap once to see 'Share?', tap again to see cards for who you can share the photo to, tap 'Glass to Facebook,' and tap again to share.

Status: Unofficial

Winky lets you take a photo by simply winking your eye.

Winky lets you take a photo with a wink. It lets you wake Glass from standby and take a picture with the wink of an eye.

'Winking really changes things,' Mike DiGiovanni, the lead of emerging technology at Roundarch Isobar, wrote on Google+. 'You might not think it's hard to say 'Ok, Glass Take a Picture' or even just tap a button. But it's a context switch that takes you out of the moment, even if just for a second.'

Status: Unofficial, but it sounds like Google will likely approve it.

GlassAuth is a version of GoogleAuthenticator reformatted for Google Glass.

GlassAuth provides two-step verification for Google Glass to protect your account from potential hackers by adding a second layer of security.

Since Glass is so seamlessly connected with your Google account, it's probably not a bad idea to add another layer of protection.

Status: Unofficial

Bulletproof is a lock screen for Glass.

Bulletproof knows when it's off your head and locks the device accordingly. In order to unlock it, you have to perform a series of swipes, taps, and long presses on the side of the touchpad.

'One of the big 'problems' with Glass is that it's a very personal device, even more so than a typical smart phone,' developer Michael DiGiovanni told Business Insider via email. 'All of your emails, texts, pictures are laid out in a chronological order in the main interface, which makes it painfully easy for someone to pick up the device and get an immediate insight into your life without having to dive down into multiple apps. If I was to leave my Glass device charging on my office desk and walk away, somebody could conceivably come over and check it out and immediately be thrust into my personal communications. Bulletproof prevents that by presenting a touch gesture-based lock screen whenever you remove the device from your head.'

You can check out a video of it in action here.

Status: Unofficial

Glassnost is a social network for Google Glass photos

Glassnost is a photo sharing platform for Google Glass users. The service connects to Glass, allowing you to take a picture. It uploads to Glassnost where you can see other photos through the eyes of Glass Explorers. It also alerts you when your photos are getting a lot of likes on the web platform.

Status: Unofficial

Reddit app for Glass will beam funny cat photos and memes to your face.

The Reddit Timeline app allows you to directly share content to Reddit, reply to comments, get comments read aloud to you, upvote and downvote content.

Status: Unofficial

UltraRun shows you real-time biometric data while working out.

UltraRun shows you your performance data while running. It shows elapsed time, miles run, and minutes per mile.

dSky9 is probably one of the first companies with a Glass First strategy.

Status: Unofficial

PathFinder helps you navigate the outdoors.

PathFinder helps you navigate the world, find friends, and even identify what you're looking at. It tells you which direction you're facing, what mountain peaks you're looking at, and 'unveils the hidden data in the landscape.'

PathFinder isn't available just yet, but you can check out a video demonstration of the app here.

Status: Unofficial

GlassTweet sends short messages to Twitter.

GlassTweet lets you share tweets directly to Twitter from Google Glass. As fo right now, GlassTweet is the most popular app for Glass over on AppsForGlass. Though, that's based on the number of times people have clicked 'Get App,' which AppsForGlass creator Chris Maddern says is actually more than the number of Glass units out in the wild.

Status: Unofficial

Now, see how Google Glass will affect everything from health care to Hollywood.

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