The 15 Apple Watch apps you need to download first, according to Apple

The Apple Watch hits stores on Friday, and Apple is already telling us which apps it thinks we should download first.

The Apple Watch App Store houses more than 3,000 apps, but Apple has narrowed it down to a few apps that it views as top-notch. BuzzFeed News published the list just as the Apple Watch App Store opened for the first time.

Many of the apps are popular social media apps we already use on our phones, while others are fitness-focused apps that take advantage of the watch’s health-tracking capabilities.

Target's app for the Apple Watch lets you build a shopping list on your wrist.

Instagram's Apple Watch app will send notifications right to your wrist. You can browse your feed and favourite photos, too.

The Twitter app sounds basic and easy to use -- you can dictate tweets, view your feed, favourite, and re-tweet from the watch.

Citymapper shows you the fastest roots and helps you get where you need to go.

Strava shows you real-time stats like elevation gain, average speed, distance, and your heart rate.

Dark Sky is one of the most popular weather apps, and the Apple Watch app shows you a 24-hour timeline of when it will rain, snow, or shine throughout the day.

The NYTimes app presents condensed stories on your wrist, which you can then continue reading on your phone.

Pacemaker DJ is like having your own personal DJ. It uses the Autopilot DJ feature from your iPad to mix the tracks you choose.

Lifesum helps you track what you eat and drink throughout the day and sends you reminders.

Mint Personal Finance lets you monitor your monthly spending goals, and you can choose to receive weekly notifications updating you on your progress.

Elevate is a brain-teaser app that includes games designed to help you improve your focus, memory, speaking abilities, and more. Here's how the app looks on the iPhone.

Fitstar Yoga lets you easily control yoga sessions from your wrist. It shows you images of poses and how long you should be holding them.

Golfshot calls itself the most comprehensive, GPS-based course management app for golfers. Here's how it looks on the iPhone.

Centered is a meditation app that helps you schedule time for mediation, set reminders, and see how mediation impacts your mood. It's coming to the Apple Watch, but here's what the iPhone app looks like.

Yelp will show you restaurant, bar, and venue locations on your wrist.

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