The 15 Apple Watch apps we're most excited to try

The Apple Watch is almost here, and already thousands of apps are being developed for the new device.

Apple announced a few new apps during its big Apple Watch event, but we’ve combed through the entire list of Apple Watch apps and collected the ones we’re most excited about.

From unlocking your hotel room or open your garage door to ordering an Uber, here’s what people will be using their Apple Watch for next month.

Order a black car from your wrist with Uber.

Uber's Apple Watch app lets you request a car, track its arrival on a map, and shows a photo of your driver and car so you can easily find it.

See your friends' photos with Instagram.

Instagram's Apple Watch app lets you browse your news feed, like photos, and post emoji comments right from your wrist.

Stay in the know with NYTimes.

The New York Times on the Apple Watch sends you the latest headlines and breaking news, letting you read the opening of an article or jump over to your iPhone to read the full thing.

Check-in for your flight with American Airlines.

American Airlines' app alerts you when it's time to leave for the airport, allows you to check-in with your watch, and shows you all your important flight details like your baggage claim and connection info.

Check your fiances in a flash with Mint Personal Finance.

On the Apple Watch, Mint keeps you updated on your finances by showing you your monthly spending goals and sending you notifications so you know if you're spending too much or coming in under.

Find out what song is playing with Shazam.

Shazam will quickly listen and tell you what song is playing, but the Apple Watch app also shows you the lyrics in-sync as they're playing.

Unlock your hotel room with SPG.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts lets you bypass the check-in desk and go straight up to your room, turning your Apple Watch into a wireless key card for unlocking your door.

See what people are talking about with Twitter.

Twitter's Apple Watch app gives you access to your Twitter feed on your wrist. You can fav, retweet, track trending topics, and dictate new tweets from the watch's mic.

Navigate public transit like a pro with Citymapper.

Citymapper shows you the best route when taking the subway or bus. Its Apple Watch app shows you detailed directions that include the next three arrivals in case you're running late. When it's time to get off at your stop, the app 'taps' you using the watch's vibration feature.

See the scores of the big game with ESPN.

ESPN's Apple Watch app notifies you with breaking news, lets you track the scores of a specific game, and shows you game details.

Access your notes faster with Evernote.

Evernote on the Apple Watch allows you to dictate notes, glance over your recent entries, set reminders, and see what other people are writing near your current location.

Stay on top of your reservations with OpenTable.

OpenTable's Apple Watch app shows you a tidy summary of your reservation details and includes a map for finding the restaurant so you don't get lost.

Open your garage door with's Apple Watch app lets you control your garage door and locks from your wrist and even gives you access to security cameras so you can keep an eye on things back at home.

Learn a new language while on the move with Babbel.

Babbel's Apple Watch takes note of where you are and teaches you new words that pertain to that location. It's a great way for those still learning a new language to find the basic words to ask for directions.

Send your friends texts and sticks with WeChat.

WeChat is huge in China, and the Apple Watch app allows you to send stickers to your friends in addition to replying with a voice message.

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