11 Tiny Design Features That Show Apple's Insane Attention To Detail

Apple products have always been known for their quality design and attention to detail.

Many of these details go unnoticed by the average Apple user, or are only useful to a relative handful of people using the product.

Some features are handy while others are purely cosmetic, but Apple included them anyway.

Here are the best of these little design flourishes.

A smart fan that listens:

When engaging the voice dictation feature on new Mac laptops, Apple automatically slows the internal fan speed to better hear your voice.

Source: (Reddit, Johnbonbobon)

Volume and Brightness Bounce:

The next time you adjust the brightness or volume on your iPhone using the control center, give the dials a hard flick and watch as continue to move even after your finger stops. If you flick hard enough, they will even bounce back a bit.

A tiny 'Do Not Disturb' eclipse:

When you turn on 'Do Not Disturb' mode, a tiny crescent moon appears at the top of your screen. Not too impressive by itself, but when you toggle the setting on and off, you'll notice that a tiny eclipse animation happens right before your eyes.

Virtual reflections:

If you pull up your iPhone's Music app and start playing a song, take a look at the shiny knob on the volume slider. The 'reflection' on the knob subtly changes as you tilt your phone. Note: Only works with phones running iOS 6 or earlier.

Predictive 'Store' button:

When playing a song in your iPhone's Music app, it used to be dangerous to back your way out through the menu buttons. Going from 'Now Playing' to 'Artists' often led to accidentally tapping the 'Store' button, leading iTunes to pop up.

Now, Apple prevents iTunes from opening from a single tap of the 'Store' button when someone is backtracking through the menus.

Rebound to unlock the Camera app:

In iOS 7, Apple allowed you drag the camera icon on the lock screen upward to unlock and open the camera app. Interestingly enough, you can also bounce the lock screen downwards and 'rebound' the app open. Note: Only works for earlier versions of iOS 7.

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