13 Angela Ahrendts Quotes That Prove Why She's The Perfect Person To Run Apple's Retail Business

Angela Ahrendts Burberry Apple Portrait IllustrationMike Nudelman/Business InsiderAngela Ahrendts, Apple’s SVP of retail

After searching for the right person for almost a year, Apple finally brought in former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to fill its critical senior vice president of retail position.

Ahrendts spent eight years at Burberry, completely turning the struggling fashion company around.

Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote in a company-wide email: “I had never met anyone whom I felt confident could lead both until I met Angela.”

On communication: 'Remember, the universal language is not texted, emailed, or spoken. It is felt.'

On leadership: 'When you have trust and you get that trust in place throughout the company, people are empowered -- people are free.'

On knowing your limits: 'Balance is a really big word for me. It's one of the most important parts of my job, showing that you can't do it all.'

On company culture: 'Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.'

On company image: 'If you can't control everything, you can't control anything, not really.'

On the digital revolution: 'There has never been more creative freedom and potential, or more opportunity to connect and learn. But the pace of change also presents challenges: feelings of fear, distrust and uncertainty are pervasive.'

On intuition: 'I have learned to feel my way through life, personally and professionally. I have learned to listen and to hone my instincts to be perceptive and be receptive to change, to constantly live in ambiguity.'

On the benefits of being a middle child: 'I learned to be the spectator and I learned to listen and observe and watch.'

On serving a greater good: 'I believe it is imperative that great companies add greater social value -- the larger the company, the larger the obligation.'

On humility: 'My dad would always say, 'When you look at a photo do you see yourself last?''

On inspiring others: 'And if the end result is that someone, somewhere winds up believing they can do something out of the ordinary, well, then you've really made it.'

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