The Best Games On Android Right Now. Period.

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Killing zombies, rebuilding a town, and winning the Euro Cup are all in a day’s work if you have an Android smartphone.

Check out this list of fun games to either pass the time or take on your biggest challenge ever.

NFL Kicker

NFL kicker challenges you to kick field goals like a pro.

Pick your favourite team and put your punting skills to the test. This isn't just any field goal game. Try to kick the ball as close to out of bounds as you can and pass other fun challenges.

Price: $0.99

Max Payne

Play the classic shooter on your Android device! Max Payne was released just a few months ago and it reminds us of the actual game.

The game even features Max Payne's signature slow motion gunplay, 'Bullet Time'.

Price: $2.99

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is a fun first person shooter. The end of the world is near and a mysterious disease has infected millions of people, turning them into zombies.

It is your responsibility to take out as many zombies as you can. Shoot away their heads, chop off their limbs... kill them with creativity.

Price: $0.99

Puddle THD

Puddle started off as an Xbox Live Arcade game.

In the mobile version of Puddle THD, you control a liquid stream as it flows throughout levels. Be careful to avoid fire because it will make the stream evaporate and ice will make the stream melt.

Puddle THD is available exclusively on devices using Tegra 3 technology.

Price: $2.99

You'll have to see this game for yourself:

N.O.V.A 3

N.O.V.A 3 continues where the previous two versions left off. The game feels like Halo on a smartphone.

N.O.V.A features an awesome multiplayer mode. It allows 12-players to battles in 6 different modes (Capture the Point, Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, etc.) on 6 different maps.

Price: $6.99


Amazeballs is a physics based puzzle game that challenges you to twist and turn your phone to get stars.

This game is for both the casual and hardcore gamer. It is easy to pick up and play while on a commute or

Price: $1.12


Rebuild is a post apocalyptic strategy game. You are responsible for gathering the survivors and defending your camp against zombie attacks.

The game is challenging and you have to reclaim one building at a time while scavenging for supplies, food, and more.

Price: $2.99


Backstab is similar to Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed.

Control Henry Blake, a former Navy officer who has been robbed of his fiance and thrown in jail. You help him to fight back and get revenge.

Enjoy 3D graphics, four unique cities, and loads of quests.

Price: $6.99


The most popular soccer franchise game is now available on your Android device. Play as your favourite club with amazing graphics and show off your fancy footwork.

Price: $4.99

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