The 20 Best Selling Android Games Of All Time

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Here are the best selling games for Android. Just like on the iPhone, it’s dominated by casual, short games.We determined best sellers by looking at Cyrket, a third-party site that keeps track of everything that goes on in the Android Market.

We chose games because it’s the most successful category.

#20: Tower Raiders Gold

Publisher: Gianormous Games
Price: $4.99

Whatever the platform, whatever the price range, tower defence games are killing it. They're all pretty similar: you spend money on towers to kill off successive waves of enemies. Killing enemies gets you more cash to spend on more or better towers.

#19: Space Physics

Publisher: Camel Games
Price: $1.99

Ignore the incredibly boring name, this is one of the better reviewed Android games ever. Each level has you moving an object from one place to another, getting past obstacles with tools you draw with your finger (and the laws of physics). Think Scribblenauts for adults.

#18: Garden Of Weeden

Publisher: Gooey Web Solutions
Price: $3.99

It's like FarmVille, except the only crop on your farm is marijuana.

#17: Farm Frenzy

Publisher: HeroCraft Ltd.
Price: $3.21

It's Garden of Weeden without the twist. Which is to say, it's a lot like FarmVille.

#16: Radiant

Publisher: Hexage
Price: $2.42

A pretty basic arcade-style shooter in the Space Invaders mould.

#15: Zenonia

Publisher: Gamevil Inc.
Price: $5.99

As seen on the iPhone, the PSP, and elsewhere, Zenonia is an RPG that plays a lot like early Final Fantasy games.

#14: Speedx 3D

Publisher: HyperBees Ltd.
Price: $1.60

A racing game that takes place in 3D tunnels like the one shown here.

#13: UNO

Publisher: Gameloft
Price: $2.99

Whatever people like about Uno in real life, they apparently also like on their phones.

#12: Baseball Superstars

Publisher: Gamevil
Price: $4.99

A surprisingly deep baseball sim for a smartphone.

#11: Blow Up

Publisher: Camel Games
Price: $2.99

A game of destruction built on the Angry Birds model. Everybody loves Angry Birds and anything like it.

#10: Gem Miner: Dig Deeper

Publisher: Psym Mobile
Price: $2.18

All the excitement of working in a mine from the safety of your living room.

#9: The Moron Test

Publisher: DistinctDev Inc.
Price: $0.99

This brainteaser app is a huge hit on the iPhone as well.

#8: Doodle Jump

Publisher: GameHouse
Price: $3.49

Doodle Jump isn't quite as popular on Android as it is on the iPhone, where it is the second-best selling game ever. But it's still doing pretty well for itself.

#7: Fishin' 2 Go

Publisher: CyxB
Price: $2.25

A fishing simulator that lets you go after over 100 species of fish in 16 different locations.

#6: Abduction! World Attack

Publisher: Psym Mobile
Price: $2.18

You are a cow whose friend has just been abducted by aliens. Follow that UFO to save him!

#5: Jewellust

Publisher: Smartpix Games
Price: $2.95

Jewellust is a clone of the insanely popular Bejeweled. Its success is especially impressive considering that a similar, free game -- Jewels -- is one of the most popular apps in the Market.

#4: Homerun Battle 3D

Publisher: Com2US
Price: $4.99

Play in a homerun derby by yourself, or against others online. There isn't much going on here compared to a full baseball game, but it's well executed, and people love the multiplayer aspect.

#3: Fruit Ninja

Publisher: Halfbrick
Price: $0.99

This action/adventure megahit for the iPhone is already a huge success on Android too. You're a ninja, and you slice fruit. Words don't really do it justice.

#2: armoured Strike Online

Price: $3.99

A multiplayer shooter game that puts you behind the turret of a tank. Hard to argue with that.

#1: Robo defence

Publisher: Lupis Labs Software
Price: $2.99

We started with a tower defence game, and we end with one. Robo defence isn't radically different from the zillion other games like it, but it's very well done, and lots of fun.

Those are the best-selling games for Android

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