The Best Android Apps You Didn't Download This Week

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New Android apps come out even more frequently than the phones themselves.To help you keep out, we’ve collected some of our favourite apps that made news this week.

Click the link below to see what we came up with.

Angry Birds Rio got its first update

Angry Birds Rio was updated this week with a bunch of new levels for you to enjoy.

Price: Free (ad-supported) from the Android Market

Google Earth for tablets will let you tour Bin Laden's compound

Google Earth finally got a Honeycomb-optimised update for tablets. You can view 3D models of famous landmarks, including Bin Laden's secret hideout in Pakistan. AMERICA!

Price: Free from the Android Market

Amazon Appstore (for AT&T users)

AT&T Android users rejoice! Starting with Samsung's Infuse 4G, you can now download non-Android Market apps. That means you can finally get access to Amazon's amazing Appstore. Be sure to take advantage of the free paid app of the day.

Price: Free. Click here to learn how to install it on your AT&T phone >

TweetComb got a lot of buzz this week

TweetComb got a lot of buzz this week for being the first major Twitter app for Honeycomb tablets. You can organise your mentions, friends, and searches in columns, similar to Tweetdeck on your desktop. If you have a Honeycomb tablet and love to tweet, this is your best and only option.

Price: $2.99 from the Android Market

HBO Go will let you keep up with your favourite HBO shows

If you're an HBO subscriber, this is a must. HBO Go will let you stream episodes of all your favourite HBO shows directly to your phone or tablet. Catch up on classics like the Sopranos or new favourites like True Blood.

Price: Free (but you need to be an HBO subscriber) in the Android Market

Spotify (for non-U.S. Android owners)

Spotify opened its app to non-paying users this week. That's huge because it will also let you sync you device to the desktop app, effectively eliminating any need to use iTunes to manage your music.

Google Docs will eliminate any need for a scanner

Google Docs for Android is almost exactly the same as the web-based mobile version. But the killer feature is that it lets you 'scan' documents by snapping a photo. The text is then imported into a new document that you can edit.

Price: Free from the Android Market

Zipcar finally made an app for Android

Just like the iPhone app, Zipcar for Android will let you rent a car close to your location and even unlock or beep the horn remotely. Welcome to the future.

Price: Free (but you need to be a Zipcar member) in the Android Market

Appolicious will find great apps for you

The Android Market can be tough to navigate. That's where Appolicious comes in. It helps you find popular and recommended Android apps and links you to their download sites. Connect with Facebook to find out the apps your friends are downloading. Easy!

Price: Free in the Android Market

Sonos for Android will control all your music from anywhere in your house

We were pumped to see Sonos finally hit Android. The app will let you use your phone to beam music from your phone or computer to your Sonos-powered stereo system.

Price: Free in the Android Market

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