Every Student And Parent Should See These Charts On Earnings By Major

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (aka STEM) majors still have the best overall job prospects, according to a recent report from Georgetown’s centre on Education and the Workforce

Engineering majors in particular have the highest median earnings out of college, while arts, humanities and liberal arts, psychology and social work, and life/physical science majors tie for the lowest earnings.

Graduate degrees and experience can lead to significant gains for all majors.

Check it out:

pay by major


Now let’s look at unemployment rate.

Education majors may not get paid much, but they also have the lowest unemployment rate. Health majors look even smarter with low unemployment and high earnings.

Meanwhile, architecture majors have the highest unemployment.

Check it out:

major unemployment

See more in this presentation:

Hard times 2013 from CEW GeorgetownThumbnail image from NazarethCollege.

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