The best and worst cities to save money in the US

Everyone wants to save money.

However, it’s easier for some people than for others.

The ability to save doesn’t just depend on your income — it’s your income versus your costs that really matters. And in some US cities, the cost of living is much more manageable than in others. looked at 2015 gas prices from GasBuddy and home and rent data from Zillow, as well as late 2014 unemployment rates from the Bureau of Labour Statistics and 2013 median income and population data from the Census Bureau to determine in which US cities it’s easiest for residents to save — or not to save — money.

In map form, it’s pretty clear that  the worst cities for setting aside savings tend to be concentrated in the Northeast and on the West Coast, while there are a handful of best cities clustered in the Midwest. Scroll over a dot to see the city and its rank. Click the dot for more details on the cost of living in that area. (Note: You may have to zoom out once to see the most affordable city!)

Mobile readers might prefer to visit to use the interactive map.

And here’s the ranking in list form, No. 1 being the easiest city to save money:

City State Rank City State Rank
Anchorage Alaska 1 Cincinnati Ohio 26 Honolulu Hawaii 51 New Orleans La. 76
Portland Ore. 2 Tulsa Okla. 27 Scottsdale Ariz. 52 Newark N.J. 77
Boise Idaho 3 Irving Texas 28 Denver Colo. 53 Boston Mass. 78
Madison Wis. 4 Charlotte N.C. 29 Tucson Ariz. 54 Hialeah Fla. 79
Lincoln Neb. 5 Albuquerque N.M. 30 Baltimore Md. 55 Washington D.C. 80
Lexington Ky. 6 Orlando Fla. 31 Glendale Ariz. 56 Sacramento Calif. 81
Chesapeake Va. 7 Aurora Colo. 32 Henderson Nev. 57 Seattle Wash. 82
Louisville Ky. 8 Norfolk Va. 33 Dallas Texas 58 Fremont Calif. 83
Virginia Beach Va. 9 Wichita Kansas 34 Nashville Tenn. 59 Riverside Calif. 84
Omaha Neb. 10 Oklahoma City Okla. 35 Austin Texas 60 Miami Fla. 85
Gilbert Ariz. 11 St. Paul Minn. 36 Jersey City N.J. 61 Chula Vista Calif. 86
Richmond Va. 12 St. Petersburg Fla. 37 Buffalo N.Y. 62 Chicago Illinois 87
Raleigh N.C. 13 Colorado Springs Colo. 38 Cleveland Ohio 63 Irvine Calif. 88
Fort Wayne Ind. 14 Jacksonville Fla. 39 St. Louis Mo. 64 Fresno Calif. 89
Plano Texas 15 Fort Worth Texas 40 Phoenix Ariz. 65 San Bernardino Calif. 90
Winston-Salem N.C. 16 Minneapolis Minn. 41 North Las Vegas Nev. 66 San Diego Calif. 91
Greensboro N.C. 17 Corpus Christi Texas 42 Las Vegas Nev. 67 Anaheim Calif. 92
Toledo Ohio 18 Milwaukee Wis. 43 Baton Rouge La. 68 Santa Ana Calif. 93
Lubbock Texas 19 Indianapolis Ind. 44 Reno Nev. 69 Stockton Calif. 94
Columbus Ohio 20 Laredo Texas 45 Bakersfield Calif. 70 San Jose Calif. 95
Chandler Ariz. 21 Kansas City Mo. 46 Houston Texas 71 Oakland Calif. 96
Pittsburgh Pa. 22 El Paso Texas 47 Detroit Mich. 72 Long Beach Calif. 97
Durham N.C. 23 San Antonio Texas 48 Philadelphia Pa. 73 San Francisco Calif. 98
Garland Texas 24 Tampa Fla. 49 Atlanta Ga. 74 New York N.Y. 99
Arlington Texas 25 Mesa Ariz. 50 Memphis Tenn. 75 Los Angeles Calif. 100


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