Best AirPlay-Enabled Music Apps

We’re all about AirPlay these days, as we have been since before Apple launched it, because it unites the best sources for music (apps) with the best speakers (usually the surround sound speakers connected to a television), the largest screen (the television), and the best remote control (your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch).

Best of all, despite all of these moving parts, the whole combination is so easy to use that, as noted earlier, your most elderly relative could likely use it without a problem.

That’s one reason we were so excited to see Apple post a “Great AirPlay-Enabled Apps” section in iTunes appear recently. However, Apple’s paltry section only includes five music apps that seem picked almost at random, leaving out plenty of clearly “great” ones.

We decided ameliorate this sorry state of affairs with a real list of great AirPlay apps, listed here in categorized, alphabetical order, with Apple’s selections italicized so you can see how arbitrary they really are.

By the way, if you’re looking for hardware to pull this trick off, look for Apple TV, Airport Express, the first AirPlay-compatible speakers, these less-expensive upcoming Denon models, or the non-existent “Airport Expresser.”

On-Demand Music: Try these if you know what you want to hear.

Google YouTube (free; preinstalled on all iOS devices)

MOG (subscription)

Napster (subscription)

Rhapsody (subscription)

Spotify (subscription)

Vevo (free)

Streaming Radio: Pick an artist or other element, press play, sit back, relax.



CBS (50-song limit in free version)

Clear Channel iheartradio

NPR Music (free)



TuneIn Radio Pro ($1)

Music Players: To play music that’s already stored on your iOS device

through your sound system, try one of these.

djay for iPhone and iPod Touch ($1)

Apple iPod (preinstalled on all iOS devices)


Animoto (make videos out of your photos and Animoto’s collection of licensed songs)

Guitar World Lick of the Day (free; learn how to play a different guitar riff each day)

SpinPlay (listen to songs and videos chosen by Spin Magazine’s editorial staff)

Air Video (watch music videos downloaded to your networked computers)

Note: We know this list isn’t encyclopedic, and plan to evolve it over time. If you have any additions, please send us a tip.