These Are The Best Airlines For Leisure And Business Travel

Virgin America

Photo: Aly Weisman/Business Insider

When it comes to customer satisfaction among those who travel for leisure and business, the same domestic airlines top each list.A YouGov BrandIndex survey released this week asked travellers, “Are you a satisfied customer,” and ranked the country’s airlines by how many said yes.

JetBlue, Virgin America, Alaska Air, and Southwest were in the top five for both leisure and business (in different orders).

It is a sign of the weakness of the American aviation industry that for business travellers, only the top airline, Alaska Air, had a satisfaction rate above 50 per cent.

JetBlue and Virgin have reputations for providing excellent in-flight service, complete with live television. But even their numbers, ranging from 36.3 per cent to 61.7 per cent, are not very impressive: Apparently, more than 60 per cent of JetBlue business travellers are not satisfied customers.

Here are the top five for each:

yougov brandindex airline satisfaction survey

Photo: YouGov BrandIndex

yougov brandindex airline satisfaction survey

Photo: YouGov BrandIndex

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