The best career advice JPMorgan’s Jimmy Lee ever got came from his mentor Jack Welch

Jimmy Lee
Jimmy Lee Getty Images/ Andrew H. Walker

JPMorgan dealmaker Jimmy Lee died on Tuesday morning.

Lee — JPMorgan Chase vice chairman and co-chairman of JPM’s investment bank — was regarded a legend on Wall Street.

Lee once told us the best piece of advice he received.

“I would say [former GE CEO] Jack Welch really helped me a lot in my career in giving me advice.”

He continued: “A piece of advice Jack gave me when I first heard it I didn’t know what the advice was — He said, ‘Jimmy, you’ve got to be comfortable in your own skin.’ Now, when I heard that I’m like ‘Well, yeah, of course you do.’ But I didn’t realise how many different situations you can apply that same piece of advice.”

Lee said that whether you go in for a job interview at a bank or have to present a big M&A deal before a board, you have to be yourself.

“I think there’s a lot to be said for being yourself,” said Lee. “You get up to the plate and you think this guy is going to throw you a fast ball, but he throws you a curve ball. You’ve got to be ready for the curve ball. I think being comfortable in your own skin is an important trait. It relaxes you. It calms you down and gives you the ability to deal with the unexpected.”

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