These 13 Ad Agencies Have The Most Unforgettable Websites In The Business

Jay-Z’s bio on Translation’s website.

A lot of agencies have mediocre websites. Some are so complicated it makes them difficult to use. Most of them are just boring. Well-designed, with the right content … but boring.We combed through more than 50 sites and identified the 11 stupidest mistakes that agencies make when promoting themselves online yesterday, so now it’s time to recognise those that are getting it right.

Each of the 13 sites was chosen for a different reason, but they share these characteristics:

  • Clearly communicates the voice and brand of the agency.
  • Great visuals.
  • Impressive graphics/animation that does not interfere with using the site.
  • The navigation is easy to use.

Most importantly, all of these websites are really memorable. 

Creature has a simple layout, but a memorable design.

Creature also has a great blog integrated into its website. It often features posts about the agency's storefront, which every employee has the chance to design.

Red Interactive Agency's site allows users to create Victorian avatars that they can chat with other people on the site.

You can even make your avatar fly through the site.

Mortar likes Bacon so much that it's the centre of the website. Unexpected and memorable.

Mortar is also creative when it comes to publicizing itself. It threatened to fire poor intern Jonny unless it got 500 new Twitter followers. Fortunately, Jonny was saved in a mere six days. See his thank you video here.

There is a lot to look at on Brothers and Sisters site, but nothing distracts from the content.

Take a look the 'Guest' section of the site where the agency profiles one of its employees each week (you can even get the employee's Spotify playlist and see her Twitter feed).

Matejczyk/Hofherr's site has great visuals and a simple design, which really lets the voice of the agency sing.

Don't miss the agency's 'rules' for advertising.

JWT launched this Pinterest-like site in June 2010. The page is never-ending, so it has filters and a search function.

Filter down to the 'Network' feed (here) to take a look at the incredible number of offices JWT has worldwide.

Translation Advertising uses the city as its navigation.

The site also includes funny bios about each of its employees, including the chairman, Jay-Z.

Zubi's site looks like it would take forever to load, but the animated visuals are really quick.

Find the broadcast work on the site to watch Zubi's ads play in a miniature movie theatre.

Oddly, most ad agency sites aren't very colourful, so Alma really stands out.

The site also uses movement in a way that won't make a user feel sick.

Droga5's site emphasises visuals, like this image of its work on Jay-Z's Decoded.

Also check out the great photograph of New York on Droga5's homepage.

Wexley School For Girls' site is over-the-top, like the agency's founders.

The agency provides both a funny, and a more subdued, unfunny, site for users. Here are the unfunny (top) and funny (bottom) versions of the site.

There is no nakedness on Naked's site. Instead, it created a doll house where each room has different information about the agency.

Make sure to check out the basement hot tub room here.

BooneOakley has a regular site, but you can also view their website entirely through YouTube.

Check out the agency's 'Vision' here, you won't be disappointed.

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