The Most Creative 404 Error Pages On The Web


When you type in the wrong web address and find yourself jettisoned off to a site’s 404 error page, it’s usually a completely forgettable experience.

But not always. Some companies use their 404 pages to have a bit of fun.

We browsed through the blog FourZeroFour to round up some of the best 404 pages on the web.

We liked this funny nod to the TV show 'The IT Crowd.'

Dead link. Vultures. Get it?

Krit GIF'd this ping-pong jam session to prove how hard its team works.

We thought this one was quite clever.

You need to visit this one at GifMyLiveArte to get the full effect (hint: you can mess with that blue circle).

When you land on Marvel App's 404 page, you can cycle through a bunch of weird, wonderful GIFs.

This one from the designer Allison House is best if you watch it live (the text gets typed across the screen like you're having a conversation).

This one from EyeEm made us chuckle.

It's hard to beat the combination of a kitten and a compliment from design agency Wild.

Though this puppy one from Yield Mo gives it a run for its money.

Watching little cracks slowly crawl over and obscure this 'Page Not Found' message is hypnotic.

We dig the way travel site Tripomatic tied in its brand.

Urban Influence keeps to its city roots.

Barrel isn't actually a beer company, which makes this 404 page even better.

Design site This By Them with a solid David Bowie reference.

This face-palm loop from Hub pretty much sums up the feeling you get winding up on the average 404 page.

When you first arrive on Airbnb's 404 page, everything is great. You eventually wind up at disaster.

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