Here's Everything You Missed From Last Night's NBA All-Star Game

The NBA may only be the third most popular sport in this country, but it has the most entertaining All-Star game.

The NFL Pro Bowl is more like touch football with the family on Thanksgiving, and MLB tries too hard to pretend their All-Star game is important.

Meanwhile, from Craig Sager’s suit, to Chris Bosh making faces and dunks galore, it was a greatly entertaining night in the NBA.

On the next few pages, we will take a look at our favourite moments from the 2013 NBA All-Star game.

Craig Sager, who is well-known for his crazy suits, may have worn his craziest suit yet

The players wore warm-ups with their basketball resume (MVP awards, scoring titles, championships, etc.) displayed as patches

Ultimately, the night was about a lot of dunks and no defence

Some players played defence by just giving their opponent a bear-hug

Kobe Bryant had a tender moment with his daughter at halftime

A bunch of stars were there. Are Jay-Z and Beyonce the closest thing to basketball royalty?

Do you think the camera person was scared after taking this shot?

Spike Lee looked like he was auditioning for a Tim Burton movie

TNT kept destroying their own replays with a score graphic plastered over the player

David Stern is really short, and Yao Ming is really big

Poor David Stern, of course the camera zooms in on him making this unfortunate face

In a key moment late in the fourth quarter, Kobe Bryant blocked a LeBron James Shot. Meanwhile, Chris Bosh was making a funny face as usual.

Cam Newton was mesmerized


The West won,aAnd it wouldn't be the NBA unless Chris Bosh was photobombing the post-game festivities (back left)

Now check out how awful the slam dunk contest was this year

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