Bernie Sanders trolled Donald Trump after his big rally in Sanders' home state

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) mocked Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump after a major rally in Sanders’ home state. 

After Trump said on Thursday that running against Sanders would be a “dream come true,” the Democratic presidential candidate reminded Trump that in some hypothetical head-to-head matchups between the two candidates, Sanders comes out on top.

“Finally @realDonaldTrump and I agree on something. He and I both want to run against the other. Guess who wins?” Sanders tweeted, linking to a Quinnipiac University poll showing Sanders beating Trump by over 10% points in a general election contest. 

Sanders also laid into Trump over some of his positions on climate change and inequality, which the self-styled Democratic socialist has made key issues of his campaign. 



Sanders capped the mini-tweet-storm with a post that also subtly dinged Democratic presidential opponent Hillary Clinton, whose campaign has argued that she has a more credible shot in a general election.


Though Sanders has criticised Trump on numerous occasions throughout the election, his jabs at Clinton have become increasingly frequent.  

Sanders long maintained that he would run a positive, issues-oriented campaign without viciously attacking his Democratic rivals. But in the past week alone, he has taken shots at Clinton repeatedly over her positions on financial issues.

“My opponent, Secretary Clinton, says that Glass-Steagall would not have prevented the financial crisis because shadow banks like AIG and Lehman Brothers, not big commercial banks, were the real culprits,” Sanders said in a speech on Tuesday, referencing a bill that separated commercial and investment banking. “Secretary Clinton is wrong.”

“Do I think Hillary Clinton or many other senators have shown the courage that is necessary to stand up to Wall Street power? The answer is no,” Sanders said Wednesday on “Morning Joe.”

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