Bernie Sanders is on the verge of pulling off a stunning upset over Hillary Clinton in a key state

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders performed surprisingly strong Tuesday night in Michigan’s primary.

Sanders held a small edge late into the night as votes continued to pour in, despite the fact that polls had given Hillary Clinton a huge advantage heading into the state’s contest.

A Monmouth University poll conducted last week found the former secretary of state with a 13-point lead. The RealClearPolitics average of three recent surveys put her up more than 20 points.

In a hastily assembled press conference in Florida, Sanders thanked Michigan supporters for “repudiating the polls” and the political pundits.

“The political revolution that we are talking about is strong,” the Vermont senator said. “And we believe our strongest areas are yet to happen.”

According to MSNBC exit polls, Sanders appeared to make up some of the deficit among black voters, who have overwhelmingly favoured Clinton in the primary thus far.

Not all of the Tuesday-night news was bad for Clinton, however.

She easily won the Democratic primary in Mississippi, taking home the majority of the state’s 36 delegates. Due to the close split in Michigan, Clinton is likely to capture a solid chunk of the state’s delegates even if Sanders wins. And Sanders still trails her in the overall delegate count. 

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