Bernie Sanders on Colbert: ‘Something is fundamentally wrong’ with the Democratic Party

Bernie sander late show with stephen colbert cbs

A clearly peeved Bernie Sanders says he’s calling for big changes in the Democratic Party as a result of Donald Trump’s presidential election win.

The former presidential candidate and senator appeared on Monday’s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to express his annoyance with his party. He admitted that there is some commonality between his supporters and those who voted for Trump.

“Above and beyond the incredible bigotry of the Trump campaign,” he told Stephen Colbert, “what he did was he tapped into a lot of pain and anxiety and angst the American people are feeling, which is very rarely reported in the media or understood by the punditry.”

He then described the huge economic problems that are facing many Americans, including low wages and the inability to save for retirement or pay to send their children to college. Sanders thinks the most important thing for Democrats is to figure out what to do now.

“The truth is, Democrats should not be losing to a candidate who insults so many people, who wants to give huge tax breaks to the top two-tenths of 1%, and who rejects climate change,” he said. “How are we losing these elections? Something is fundamentally wrong.”

The senator, whose new book “Our Revolution” is available on Tuesday, told Colbert that he is pushing for “structural changes” in his party to make it more “grassroots.” But while he’s doing that, what should worried Americans be doing?

“What you do now is get involved heavily into the political process,” he said. “When millions of people stand up and fight back, we will not be denied.”

Watch Sanders’ interview on the “Late Show” below:

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