Now Your iPad Can Wear Bernie Madoff’s Pants

Madoff Pants
Murphy & Nye Sailmakers Pants Green from The Madoff Collection

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If you’re looking to accessorize your iPad, you now can do so with a pair of convicted ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff’s old trousers [DealBook via].Tech accessories company Fredrick James is now selling the limited edition iPad covers fashioned from Madoff’s J.Crew, Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren Polo pants on

They range from $250 to $500 and come with a certificate of authenticity upon request. 

The founder, John Vaccaro, purchased the pants at an auction of Madoff’s belongings held by the U.S. Marshal Service last year.  He then decided refashion them into covers for the iPad.

The cases, however, do not provide much protection.

“They are strictly for fashion purposes,” Vaccaro told the New York Post. “If you drop it, it’s going to crack.”