Bernie Madoff’s Got A Stalker


Well, if there was any doubt in your mind about whether Bernie Madoff had made the big time, you can rest assured; he’s a celebrity. How do we know? Because Bernie’s got his own stalker who’s been lurking outside of his apartment building all day hoping to catch a glimpse of the swindler.

No, it’s not David Patrick Columbia; it’s Tinsley Mortimer’s half-brother-in-law Peter Davis. Since interest in socialites seems to be waning these days, maybe he wants to ask Bernie for tips on how to stay in the public eye. But we doubt Madoff would suggest anything anyone else should try.

Paper Mag via Cityfile: Peter Davis (Tinsley Mortimer‘s honest-to-God half-brother in law!) reports that he’s “obsessed” with the case—”It’s all I can read or think about”—and says he turned up at 8:45 am, coffee in hand, hoping to get a glimpse of Bernie leaving his building when his 9 o’clock curfew expired. Unfortunately, he came up empty, but he did get a chance to talk to the owner of a local newsstand, who revealed to Davis that Madoff occasionally stopped by to pick up a copy of Forbes. (We’re sure the staff of Forbes will be thrilled to hear the news.) Davis also says that he plans on “staking out” Madoff’s building “all weekend.” So if you have nothing better to do, you can head over there yourself. You might get lucky and meet both Peter and Bernie in person!

We hate to disappoint Peter and any other Madoff Maniacs, but he’s confined to 24-hour house arrest all weekend. You might have to settle for gazing at him longingly through the windows.

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