US Marshal: Everything In The Madoff House Was "Very Lived In" - But The Closet Was OCD Perfect

madoff slippers

Bernie Madoff was compulsive when it came to his closet.

According to a U.S Marshal who saw his wardrobe first hand, everything in Bernie’s house was “very lived in” (i.e, far from immaculate )- except the closet.

When the Marshal came to the Ponzi schemer’s expansize wardrobe room, she found that Bernie’s clothes and shoes were meticulously placed in the closet in his New York penthouse.

Everything was folded neatly and precisely. And everything was emblazoned with his intials, BLM.

Today we got a glimpse of that compulsion at the Madoff Asset Auction preview, where hundreds of Bernie’s shirts, pants, jackets, t-shirts, socks and undergarments were on show to build publicity for the auction of his New York assets this Saturday.

On display were boxes stacked upon boxes of never worn, luxe leather shoes belonging to the Ponzi schemer, and tailored shirts still in their plastic. 

His most obvious obsession is Belgian leather, a

madoff shirts

s there were a ton of size 9, “Mr Casual” pairs by a company called Belgian Shoes.

One reporter aptly described him as the Mr. Imelda Marcos of shoes – the former first lady of the Philipines had 3000 pairs to her name.

An Asset Forfeiture agent for the U.S Marshal service, Jennifer Crane, who helped put together the auction, said that when she walked into the Madoff’s New York penthouse to begin tagging up saleable items, it was certainly “lived in” – ie. there was crap everywhere.

The closet, on the other hand…

madoff shoes

He had folding boards for everything, she said. Plus, everything was labelled. His shirts; his pants; his underwear; his socks; even his pair of velvet slippers.

Crane wasn’t surprised by much of what she found in the Madoff’s condo, but “there were certainly some eccentricities,” she said.

Like his shoe collection.

“It was almost like he picked up the phone and said give me every single shoe in every colour.”

This fixation extended to other items in his wardrobe.

‘”I was astounded by the duplicates and triplicates,” Crane said. “He had every colour; every pattern. He had cashmere sweaters that were exactly the same, but in different colours.”

madoff engagment ring

As for Ruth’s garb, her thing was belts, apparently. She was also tiny and all the clothes were specifically tailored for her petite frame. “She was a very small lady, so everything was sized to fit,” Crane said.

And it is Ruth’s engagement ring that is expected to fetch the highest price this Saturday: weighing in at 7.8 grams, the ring has an emerald cut 10.54 carat diamond and has been valued between $300,000 – $350,000.

For those with an impending engagement, Ruth was a size 7.

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