Bernie Madoff Says He Shouldn't Be Sentenced To More Than 12 Years

Bernie Madoff’s lawyer submitted a letter to a New York judge this morning asking for leniency for his client. The letter argues that Madoff should be given a sentence somewhere short of life at his sentencing on July 29th.

The lawyer also reveals that Madoff will speak at his sentencing. It describes the “anguish” and “shame” he has felt. But it still seems as if Madoff has a rather high sense of self-regard. CNBC’s Michelle Caruso Cabrera noted that the letter also contains a sentence complaining about the death threats and anti-semitic statements directed to Madoff and his counsel. It’s a bit galling to hear a guy who ripped-off some many people who trusted him complain about threats and bigotry.

Madoff’s attorney is reportedly asking that his client be sentenced to as little as 12 years.

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