Bernie And Ruth Madoff Tried To Kill Themselves Together, With Ambien

Ruth Madoff

Photo: AP Photo

Sunday’s 60 Minutes will reveal that the Madoffs, overwhelmed with the fallout from Bernie’s crimes, attempted coordinated suicide.She’s happy to still be alive.

From CBS News:

“So Ruth and Bernard Madoff took a bunch of pills, some of them Ambien and possibly some Klonopin, Ruth recalls. She did not drink alcohol with them for fear of vomiting. ‘I took what we had, he took more,’ says Ruth. It was Christmas Eve, she says, ‘That added to the whole depression.’ But the pills didn’t work. ‘We took pills and woke up the next day….It was very impulsive and I am glad we woke up,’ she says.”

Being vilified by millions took its toll. Ruth cites “terrible phone calls” and “hate mail.”

CBS says the interview will contain more revelations. This is a big week for the Madoffs—see our slideshow listing what we learned in Bernie and Ruth’s daughter-in-law’s new memoir.

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