Bernard Tomic blames his patchy form on Tennis Australia for ‘not respecting me’

Photo: Julian Finney/ Getty Images.

Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic made a third round exit at Wimbledon after losing to defending champion and world number one, Novak Djokovic, last night.

But in a post-match conference, the 22-year-old lashed out at Tennis Australia, saying that he was “very disappointed” in chief executive Craig Tiley.

“He’s the reason the last few years have been up and down for me. There has been a lack of support towards me. There has been no respect, I think, towards me.

“I didn’t get one phone call from Tennis Australia asking: ‘Can we help you, Bernard? Can we do this? Do you need something?’

“Don’t get me wrong, from what Pat said, a lot of money was invested in me for sure. But whatever they invested in me, they got in return 10, 20 times more. That’s 100% certain.

“Now all of a sudden they are neglecting me for some reason. They are not supporting me, not respecting me.”

Tomic also accused Australian tennis legend and former number one Pat Rafter for being a “good actor” and “the mask” for Tennis Australia officials.

He also denied any claims that he was at war with Rafter.

“But if the Australian public don’t know Pat, he’s a good actor, he’s well-spoken, always prepared and knows what to say. He’s prepped by Tennis Australia to know what to say.”

Since his ATP debut, Tomic has gained a reputation as the “bad boy in tennis for his off-the-court antics”, which previously saw him dropped from the Australian Davis Cup team.

Last year, Rafter said the young gun could be in the world’s top 10, but would have to “pull his head in” to do so.

“Australians are very forgiving, but they won’t accept continual bad behaviour. I’d like to think he can admit he has been out of line in the past, and mature enough to realise that … then he can get back in the good books,” said Rafter.

Tennis Australia took to Twitter after the match to smack down Tomic.

Tomic will play against Kazakhstan in the quarter-finals of the Davis Cup later this month, but says it’s “out of respect” for the century-old tournament and Lleyton Hewitt and “not for Tiley”.